The decision between taking a loved one to a nursing home and using house care needs to be considered carefully. Each of the options has their advantages and disadvantages. The level of care required and cost implications are important deciding factors. While the costs for in-house care have remained stable those of the nursing home have been on the rise.

The factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing between home care and nursing homes include the health of the senior, convenience and cost of care. The physical and mental condition of the senior cannot be ignored. If the senior is relatively healthy and only needs help with daily tasks then the home care is the best option. Nursing facilities can prove very expensive, although health insurance cover may caters for some of the cost.

The decision to seek home care for a family member should be weighed in all dimensions. This is particularly useful to families whose seniors do not need regular help round the clock. The elderly care services often charge per the hour and according to the services requested by the family. Most of the able-bodied seniors make the choice of living on their own. Many of the homes available seek to offer senior citizens the high quality of life that they deserve.

The home care options entail a range of social and health services delivered to an individual's home. They include both non-medical and medical forms of care. The specifically cater for recovery, chronic illness, terminal illness or disabilities. The patients receive nursing, companionship, medical treatment and help with essential activities on daily living.

Friends and family recommend care for people who prefer to stay in their homes while receiving care that cannot be effectively or easily be provided. Many seniors are increasingly choosing to live independently while receiving home care Atlanta services and this explains why senior care is popular.

Housekeeping services include responsibilities such as laundry, shopping and general housekeeping. The aides help the people with daily living activities including getting in bed and out of bed, eating, toileting, bathing, dressing and walking. Some aides have specialized training that allow them to offer more complex services under the direct supervision of a professional nurse. Companions give comfort for safety, social and medical reasons. This service is recommended highly for persons who can no longer be left on their own.

The companion services perform duties like reminding them when to attend to social routines, take medication and remember important dates. Furthermore, the services help with reminding them when to prepare meals, retrieve and read mail, attending appointments, entertainment, social engagements and more.

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