Be it at work, through deadlines and performance pressure, through double burden as a mother and working people or through monotonous activities. Even our children in school suffer from stress. This stress makes us sick. Everybody knows this situation: in the evening you are completely "slain" because a lot of things flow into your life all day long - job, children - on the phone, e-mail, constant availability - that drives us all to our limits.

Normally you should change your life at this point in principle, reduce your stressful situations - allow yourself rest, do not rush ... But who can do that?

Who can just turn his life around to do something good for his health?

Through stress, so-called "free radicals" are formed in our body, which are normally absorbed and neutralized by antioxidants. However, if we are under constant stress, our body has too few antioxidants available to catch all free radicals. Thus, the free radicals are becoming more and more and more and more harmful to our cells. A process that causes extreme damage to our body, because if the cells are not healthy, we are not efficient either.

What can you do about it?

If there was a way to supply the body with sufficient antioxidants, that would be the solution!
How does this work?

Physical stress is reduced by antioxidants (resveratol, green tea, vitamin E and selenium) effectively neutralizing free radicals. At the same time, the mental and physical energy levels are supported by specially coordinated micronutrients (vitamins B1, B9, B12, choline, iron, coenzyme Q10 and L-cartinin).

This has been proven by a scientific study. Mind Master's combination of stress-reducing and performance enhancing ingredients is absolutely unique.

Aloe vera is also included in Mind Master because studies have shown that pure aloe vera leaf gel can increase the bioavailability of vitamins. So the body can e.g. Take vitamin E in combination with pure aloe vera leaf gel 269% better.

Who is Mind Master suitable for?

Do you have a full desk and / or several meetings a day? You have to do another important job in the late afternoon and still want to do a very good job?

There are several exams, some essays and / or several presentations in a week. Nevertheless, good / very good grades should be written.

Despite tiredness mobilize the last power reserves in the sport or even meet with friends after intensive training.

Probably the most difficult task ... to do justice to all children, not to be irritated despite enormous multiple burdens. Helping with homework, not missing an appointment, managing the household and being in a good mood in the evening?

How is Mind Master taken?

The recommended daily dose of Mind Master is 80 ml / day, but this ration can be increased with increased levels of stress. Mind Master can also be mixed with juices or water, this has no negative impact on the mode of action of Mind Master.

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