Did you know that you are already a consultant? Think about it - when was the last time a friend, colleague, customer, or other acquaintance asked you to help them to better understand a topic or to make a more informed decision? Happens all the time, right?

That's microconsulting - short bursts of knowledge, perspective, insight, and opinion that help others make better decisions.

Maven's Global Consultant Network
Maven's global consultant network is comprised thousands of professionals from virtually every conceivable background in over 150 countries worldwide. Our consultant network includes:

•Racecar Drivers
•Social Media Experts
•Gold Miners
•Motorcycle Mechanics
•Polymer Scientists
•and many more...

Maven is a true network: our members connect and interact with each other, leading to a vibrant and continuously evolving consultant network.

Conflict Management

Maven is the leader in the ethical exchange of knowledge, perspective, and opinion. We employ a comprehensive, objective, and systems-based approach to preventing unwanted conflicts to ensure that our participants can use our platform with confidence. Our state-of-the-art Conflict Management System automatically screens for potential conflicts and prevents individuals from consulting with each other when such conflicts arise. Our platform enforces a high level of ethical compliance and allows for extensive customization by individuals and enterprises so they can control with whom they interact and under what circumstances.

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My clients are searching for a trusted source to create, grow, and establish key relationships for business and personal goals, which is why I am reaching out to you today.

As a connector of people, I have to admit, my job is not one people trust from the start, but with hard work, persistance, and clever marketing, I win the trust of everyone I meet, and you are no exception!

Smoking Gun Marketing is a very customer service oriented new technique that is creating outstanding results for both clients and colleagues!