No matter who you are, you do need a friend. There is lot of people around the world, who don’t have a good friend, as he/her can trust 100% on.
You see young people around on the streets that look for friends at the wrong places. They try desperate to find someone who will just be together with them. Some of them became “friends” with someone who is very bad for the kid, it can include drugs, booze and maybe crime.
These kids is frequent, they same kids who don’t had get love and attention from their parents. Some of them have hard with to fit in social circumstance, cause they don’t know how.
I know that, cause I have had it very close to me.
Because my childhood had been so turbulent so have both my brother and I done something, which we don’t are proud of, but we feel we had to do. I found out, I could stop the heavy bullying at me, to buy the bullies as friends. That is not the right way to get any friends on. Your friends should been don’t care with your money!
It is another talk about my brother. He got some very bad friends, who had some older brothers who had been in jail for drug-deals. Almost “of cause” did my brother also begun to take drugs… when he was 12 years old!!! He hang still out with these “friends” – but I don’t know about he still put something stupid up in his nose or eat some pills which not is medicine. That I know is this group as brother is part of is very famous… by the police, and that is not on the good way. They running around and make crime, ending in fights, make car races… the list is long.
I will write a blog about drugs later.
I don’t want to hang my brother out or myself, I just want to show you two different examples of bad ways to find new friends.

Friendship is for me something very special. I don’t became friends with anyone, cause I have learned to keep a little distance to new people. So first do I make people came acquaintance, and after they have show me I can trust them, would we be friends. That which are so amazing is I have never lost a good friend. My BFF have I known in 15 years, she get married… and divorced, and I am still friends with her x-husband. No problems with it.
I am not a person with lot of friends, cause many think I’m weirdo… and think I’m a bit too original. After my opinion is that their problems don’t mine. I am finish with trying to make people to like me for wrong reasons. I only want true friends. I love my friends like brothers and sisters.
A good friend is someone who is there for you, no matter what.
A good friend is someone who tells you, if you look like a fool.
A good friend support you
A good friend is honest, no matter the question
A good friend helps you, if you are in troubles
A good friend is someone who brings you home after a wild night out.
A good friend is someone who take care of you
A good friend is someone who loves you for who you are, and not what you are.

If someone sitting alone in the classroom or canteen, so go over and talk with the person. Maybe are the person great – and that will you never found out of, if you don’t.

Author's Bio: 

I'm 21 year-old woman born in Aarhus, Denmark and live now in Tonder in South Denmark a few miles from the Danish/German Border.
When I was a battered child nobody knew what happened when I was alone with my mother. Everything looked perfect because we were a rich family and my dad was a member of the round table in Denmark.

When I was 15yrs old I was ready to suicide - I self-harmed and had an eating disorder. My parents got divorced and my younger brother, younger sister and I lived with my mother until I couldn't handled it anymore...I moved in with my dad and his girlfriend and she helped me get the right help.

Today I study at the business school in Tonder and do a lot of charity for children in Denmark.