You live in Australia, and you wish your parents could come & stay with you. It might be one or more years you have not met them & you wish you could bring them. The best way to do that is by applying for the Australian Parent Visa which can help you to get everything done smoothly by following specific criteria. If you are planning to bring your elderly to Australia, then consult the Migration Agents in Brisbane to understand the entire process.

What criteria do you need to follow for the Parent visa?
Australian permanent visa allows your parents to stay along with you. It is the best option for those who are planning to migrate to Australia. Here are the criteria which are required to be followed:
● The child should be a PR citizen or holder
It will help the process to be simplified. With this option, the child can sponsor them only if he or she has lived in Australia for around 2 years.
● Fulfill the family balance test criteria
The family balance test is an important criteria that needs to be fulfilled. They should pass the test. Eligibility of Australian PR visa is there that half of their children, along with stepchildren are Australia PR citizens or holders.
● Fulfilling the health and character requirement
The parents need to fulfill the character and health requirements. Health check-up is needed which includes medical assessment, X-ray, and HIV test. Even if the application is for a non-contributory parent visa then also this requirement needs to be fulfilled. Fulfilling the health assessment makes it easier to get visa approval.

Eligibility for Contributory Aged Parent Visa
If the elderly are above the age of 65, then it opens the pathway to apply for the contributory aged parent visa. It allows him to be the principal visa applicant. But, if their age is less than 65 then they are allowed to apply for the secondary applicant.

What are the visa options?
Australian PR pathway is opened through different visa options. If you are applying as an onshore applicant then a bridging visa is not needed. Some of the important visa options are:
● Parent Visa-subclass 103
● Contributory Parent Visa (Permanent)-subclass 143 from Contributory Temporary Parent Visa-subclass 173
● Contributory Parent Visa (Permanent)-subclass 143
If you are applying onshore then the visa options are mentioned below:
● Aged Parent Visa (Subclass 804)
● Contributory Aged subclass 864 Parent Visa from Contributory Aged subclass 884 Parent Visa (Temporary)
● Australian Contributory Aged subclass 864 Parent Visa

How can you apply for the visitor visa on the behalf of parents?
Due to increased processing time and visa costs, visa applicants go with tourist visas for their parents. With the tourist visa, the requirement of the Balance of Family test is not needed.
The Australian tourist visa is affordable. This option allows the elderly to spend their time with the children and they get extended validity. The visas with short-duration are also affordable choices. With each visit, you are allowed to stay for 3 to 12 months.

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