A lot of fruit and vegetable gardeners, both hobbyists and professionals alike, have in their garden some type of tomato species. The health benefits of tomatoes are countless. Among them is this fruit’s ability to improve skin color and texture, purify blood, and combat cancer cells, among other things. Aside from this, tomatoes are also one of the easiest types of fruits to grow and cultivating them should be as easy as pie. That is of course if one knows how to do it right. Read on below to discover a few tips on how to ensure that one’s tomatoes are juicy, plump, and disease-free.

Location, Location, Location

One of the cardinal rules of tomato gardening is that proper garden location is essential. Tomatoes simply love the sun so it is necessary to expose these wonderful fruits to as much sunlight as possible. Ideally, the tomatoes should be exposed to direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day in order to reach their optimum growth. However, gardeners should still remain wary of overexposure. A good way to balance things out is by adding some tall plants or even some trees that can provide some shade for the tomatoes.

Water and Nutrients

It is needless to say that much like any fruit, tomatoes will not flourish unless they are able to receive sufficient amounts of water and nutrients. Watering the plants frequently will not only ensure their growth, but it also helps keep the soil moist.

However, too much water will drown the tomatoes so it is necessary to give them just the right amount. A good way to do this is by making use of a drip water system. A lot of people make use of used gallon milk jugs to serve this purpose. What they do is they pierce the bottom and the sides of the container and bury them right beside the tomato plants in such a way that only the top part sticks out. They then fill the containers with water and let the jugs constantly and evenly distribute the water to the plants and the soil without the fear of drowning them.

When it comes to nutrients, this process begins even before the actual planting of the tomato seeds. A good gardening technique that should help the growth of tomatoes—or any type of vegetation for that matter—is by working the soil with a fertilizer or compost in order to create a rich setting for the seedlings. During their growth, it is also ideal to give the tomatoes a dose of fertilizer every now and again. Just remember to stay away from chemical-based products that may cause damage to the tomatoes.

The Stakes are High

Another valuable tomato gardening tip is to make use of cages or stakes to make sure that the tomatoes don’t grow across the ground. Failing to do so will increase the fruits’ susceptibility to fungus and disease so it is necessary to stake the plants at an early point. Other folks opt for cages that can be purchased from any local garden shop as they find them to be more convenient and easier to use.

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