Ex Upset I Don't Want To Be Friends: Why Does My Ex Want To Be Friends So Badly

If the two of you are still good friends, finding signs ex still loves you can be very difficult. However, the following are some of the biggest signs your ex still looks at you as more than a friend.

Signs Your Ex Still Loves You - They Want to Remain Present in your Life

There's a good chance that you and your ex would be back together if you remained friends. It's obvious that your ex still has feelings for you. Couples that decide to maintain friendship after breaking up have no idea that being friends is not a simple thing to accomplish. If the two of you still see each other on a regular basis then there's a good chance that attraction would grow again and you would find it very difficult to overlook.

Signs Your Ex Still Loves You - Always Trying to Contact You and Talk

Now this is definitely one of the top signs that your ex is still in love with you! Does your ex try to contact you through any means as often as possible? If your ex is always looking for ways to see you, the this means that he is not over you yet. Take it as a big sign your ex still loves you if they are doing their best to include you in their life through talks and visits.

For example, your ex telling you that they miss you means that they still care for you emotionally. Your ex might be missing how things used to be and would want you back in their life.

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Signs Your Ex Still Loves You - Asking your Friends About You

One of the biggest signs your ex still wants you is if they keep asking if you are already seeing someone else. Your ex is basically doing thing to make sure that they can still get back with you. So it might backfire on you if you pretend to be with someone else. You don't want to make your ex believe that you are with someone else. This never works out.

These are the top signs your ex wants you back. Keep in mind that these aren't 100% foolproof. Remember, you can never know for sure on how they feel about you unless they told you. The only thing you should really focus on is yourself and what you can do to improve your life. This is the best way to get anyone's attention, by attracting them to you and the best way you can do that is focus on self improvement.

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If you are desperate and want you get your ex back, you most likely are hoping beyond hope for any sign that you still have a shot. If you pay close attention to their actions, you'll undoubtedly get that answer.

Here are 5 sure signs your ex still loves you:

1. They still ask about you.

If you have been dating for a while, chances are you share some common friends. If your ex still loves you, you'll most likely hear from those friends that he or she still asks about you and if you talk to your ex at any point and they ask you directly how things are going, this is a pretty sure sign they still love you.

2. They call you or email you

This one is pretty obvious, but if you receive any communications at all from your ex, it is a good sign that they still love you.

3. Your ex responds to your calls or emails

The key to this is that the response you get does not just seem like they are being nice. You'll want to notice if there is actually some substance to their responses and it seems like they are genuine and do still care.

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4. A Warm Smile

Again, this is something you need to pay close attention to, but when you see your ex, you'll want to notice the reception you get and more importantly the smile. A warm smile says a lot more than an indifferent smile. Make sure you look into their eyes as well, and you should be able to tell the difference.

5. Genuine Interest In You

This brings all of the above together and is an absolutely undeniable sign that your ex still loves you. All you need to do is to pay attention and you'll know whether or not your ex shows a genuine interest in your or is simply being courteous when they ask about your or talk to you.

So if you still cling to hope that you can get your ex back, you'll undoubtedly want to ensure you pay close attention to their actions to look for signs your ex still loves you.

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Even though you are totally devastated right now, if you want to make your ex yearn for you again, then muster up all the strength you have and give your ex the impression that you just don't care. Of course this will be difficult for you to do right now, but it is really the best way to make your ex sit up and take notice of you!

You see, if you call your ex all times of the day and night crying and begging to be taken back again, all this will do is make your ex avoid you like the plague. However, if you let your ex think that the break up has no effect on you whatsoever, then he/she is going to be very confused. In fact, if you keep it up long enough it could even make your ex yearn for you again.

So don't make any calls to your ex. Don't send any messages or emails either. In fact, say nothing to anybody about what you are doing - not even your friends. There is a good chance that your ex will start asking around to find out if you're okay. What you have to do is make sure that your ex hears what you want him/her to hear.

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If your friends come around to your house on a so-called visit, they are only there to find out information about you for your ex. Give them what they want. Tell them that you're so thrilled to be single again that you feel as if a huge load has been lifted off your shoulders. They don't have to know that this is just a ploy to make your ex yearn for you again.

Take it even further and tell your friends that you want to hang out with them. Say that you have lost out on so much fun, that you want to make up for lost time. They are going to be stunned! Why aren't you depressed and miserable after the break up?

This is perfect! Everything that you do from now on is going to get back to your ex. Your ex is going to be convince that the break up has no effect on you at all, and will, of course, wonder why. The fact that you are also enjoying yourself so much will also make your ex yearn for you again.

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If you want to go back to your ex-lover, then there are certain things that you need to be aware of. The secret to getting your ex back, is to simply know what not to do and what you need to do. You see, because we become emotional after a breakup, we do the first things that we feel, often times without realizing the effect it may have against our chances with our ex. However, if you follow these simple steps you will not fail to get your ex back...

Admit where you went wrong-
If you really want to take advantage of the situation with your ex, all you need to do is simply apologize and admit your faults/mistakes. When in a relationship, what happens a lot of the time, is that people end up getting ego's and hurt so badly that they forget to even apologize or admit they were wrong. However, unless you apologize for the areas where you went wrong, you will not even come close to being successful in trying to make your ex forgive you or reconcile.

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Respect what your ex wants-
Your ex's objectives are just as important as yours, and as a human being, your ex has the right to be able to make decisions without being blackmailed, made to feel guilty, argued against etc... It is very critical that you simply thank your ex for the breakup and accept that he/she wants some space, because by doing so you agree with your ex and cause your ex to think about you more.

Be extremely patient with your ex-
If you sit around constantly calling your ex, and freaking out because he/she does not call you, well then you can expect that your ex will ignore you! What you need to do is actually give your ex at least two weeks of no contact, so that he/she can become curious about you. It is better to be patient so that your ex at least has a chance to let his/her emotions settle down, so that you aren't instantly rejected when trying to pull your ex back.

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