Are you in an executive job search? Statistics say that you’ll spend one month in the job search for every $10,000 you earn. Do you have that kind of time? Of course not.

You can have your pick of executive positions if you are as strategic with your executive job search as you are with your executive job.

How? Let’s start with this:

Here are the 3 things that keep most executives from getting interviews:

  1. Your Cover letter, or opening message, isn’t strong enough to make them notice you and read your resume. How you present yourself in this initial contact has a big influence on their perception of you.
  2. Your resume doesn’t represent you and your skills and experience like it should…it doesn’t sell you.
  3. You are not pursuing opportunities effectively. This means that you are not finding enough opportunities, you are not positioning yourself advantageously for them, and you are not communicating with the right people about these positions. The #1 mistake job seekers make in pursuing opportunities is applying online. This doesn’t help you find enough positions, it doesn’t put you in the best place for them, and it doesn’t put you in front of the right people.

If you attack and solve these problems, you can get the interviews you need and the job you want.

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This article is part of the How To Answer Interview Questions Series from Career Coach Peggy McKee of Career Confidential.

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