Many people continue to ask the timeless questions, “why am I here? And what is my mission?” A lack of insight into the authentic self can be prevent you from a more solid health and well-being. This is because energy imbalance is perpetuated by emotions you create inside; i.e., tension, anger, frustration, worry, confusion, depression and fatigue etc. What can you do about it?

The moment has arrived when you have reason to feel more confident. It is possible to reconnect with your own inner knowing. You are encouraged to review your belief systems. Even now, different parts of the mind are deciding which beliefs to keep, to adjust or to dissolve altogether.

As you raise awareness, and realize you create the life you experience in order to learn lessons, you can also choose to make your choices more consciously. You can learn to foresee where you desire to be and choose to feel as if you are already there. This is part of a process that helps you eliminate unwanted thoughts and visions. As the result, you dissolve unwanted thought energy. You are also building courage and experiencing advantages at each stage of this process. In essence, you are expanding in ways you do not see.

You begin to realize that how you feel about self is often controlled by ego. From this view, feeling worthy is grounded in having a self-centred sense of direction. That means you make choices with personal benefits in mind. You convince the conscious self that you engage in relationships and other situations to help you. The question is, do they always?

The Higher self has a more expanded understanding of what is going on. It grasps that what you interpret as crises and problems affect your internal energy flow by blocking your understanding of truth. Deeper parts of the mind are aware of what is good for you. Everyone is invited to bring new wisdom to the surface. Consider these points on your learning journey to develop and expanding vision of yourself;

1. Whom or what do you love?
From birth, the conscious part of you is unaware of how deeply you can love and appreciate others. You temporarily forget. Selective amnesia. People tell you what is acceptable or not, and initially, you adopt what they do. Those people, places, situations and things you come to love are all sending you valuable messages. Everything is meaningful mirror. As you awareness grows, become more honest. You learn whether you love unconditionally or, whether your love comes with strongs attached. Right now, you choose to sense deeper significance in each of your choices. Deciphering why you love and when you place limits on it connects fragmented pieces of the psyche.

2. What do you fear?
Struggle is often expected as part of the human learning curve. By identifying and exploring possible reasons for your fear, you raise awareness of the root causes. As you discern uncertainty is not meant to be fully understood by human faculties, this invites you to reduce stress and adapt the best you can to whatever comes. You learn about opportunities to shift focus and know benefits of viewing through timeless filters of compassion. As you learn the mind creates illusion, you can also learn what it takes to move beyond them.

3. What do you seek to control?
Adversity serves to help you narrow focus and refine a purpose for this moment or life stage. Every reaction offers insight into patterns and inner wounds inviting attention. In terms of people or circumstances, part of you feels controlled by some force outside yourself while another part already feels completely liberated. To work through your rational for control is very illuminating. What you view as arbitrary and reason to antagonize are all inviting you to see through the intensity of your emotions.

4. Why does it make sense to trust?
Each person has options to explore different levels of consciousness. This opens you to have faith in intuition and divine guidance. You may be in process of or feeling the urge to investigate how you could serve others. You begin to sense that your concept of purpose may in fact be extremely limited. Rather than assuming your mission is to achieve or do something in particular, you may come to realize that learning what it means to be present in the moment and to forgive your own misguided notions empowers you to find different levels of fulfilment.

5. How does the true self speak through your dreams?
As you release the need to use the logical mind to explain why things happen, you begin to sense meaning in metaphors. You are open to detecting new levels of significance in multi-sensual messages. Certain things grow more perceptible. You learn to see beyond reason to understand the wider possibilities. Certain questions are not answered in words but through what is felt during practical experience and the energy vibrations of intuition.

Author's Bio: 

Liara Covert has written over 2000 articles concerning dreams, psycho-spiritual and self-help issues. As a spiritual teacher, she empowers readers to reconnect to soul. She is the author os Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within (March 2009) and ebooks Expand Consciousness Now (August 2009) and Soul Work: 50 Exercises to align mind, body & spirit (September 2009).

Her insight into internal identity emerges from conventional and unconventional training in communications, cross-disciplinary studies and psychology. She has facilitated personal and professional exchanges in diverse settings and run her own business. Her books draws from emotional and spiritual experiences in over fifty countries. They exist to find its way into the scope of anyone ready for radical inner transformation and to act as a catalyst for deeper reflection about new possibilities. As you gain insight into your authentic self, you open the mind and senses to receive ideas from spiritual sources.