India's most renowned & idyllic state - Kerala “God’s Own Country “deserves the attentions of tourists from all over the world every year quite in increasing numbers. Because of its unique geographical and cultural heritage, captivating beaches, music, gorgeous hill stations, traditional dance, azure backwaters, houseboat cruise, martial arts, architecture, ayurvedic body care and delicious cuisine wildlife parks & sanctuaries, romantic hideaways, spa centre, heritage monuments, historical places all of which offers the visitors an unique experience and an opportunity to get close to India.

Kerala is also the right destination for a delightful honeymoon vacation. There are many other fascinating attractions are scheduled beaches Tour, palm fringed backwaters tours, mist clad hill stations, lush tropical forests, waterfalls, exotic wildlife Tours, monuments, art form and festivals which can be enjoyed during your Kerala Honeymoon Tours.

Kerala`s pretty seaside resort with a long tradition, also perfect for a family holiday as it has a real Mediterranean feel, where Your mind and soul can rest for a while from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The pure fun of lazing on the golden palm fringed beaches and riding the motorboats are unparallel experiences.

Here you can also discover dazzling plants from Japan, New Zealand and Australia. It has tremendous variety of flora and fauna on display, the local microclimate of Kerala allows for many tropical and sub tropical plants of all kinds to grow, making for really incredible experience.

A walk along the coast path takes you to the famous 22 acre Botanic Gardens, Steephill Cove- one of the island`s hidden gems, do try and go there, take a camera it`s just fantastic. A part of your holidays in Kerala can also be invested in rejuvenating yourself in the natural way.

Kerala has also lots of local festivals that are celebrated with great pump and sour. Most of the festivals of Kerala are Vishu, Onam, Mahasivarathri, Thrikarthiaka, Boat races etc are well connected with local traditions and religions, which originated to commemorate religious events but subsequently turned out to be events of social importance. Make bigger your rendezvous with this stunning wonder called Kerala and experience its rich cultural heritage and festivals, which adds vibrancy to its diverse and bountiful natural wealth.

An astounding variety of wildlife spread across its vast expanse of tropical forests. Kerala has plentiful national parks and Sanctuaries,the evergreen rain forests in Kerala are certainly some of the most magnificent and varied found anywhere in the world. The wildlife of Kerala also attracts thousands of tourists each year.

The wildlife in Kerala includes the Tiger, the Elephant, the Nilgiri Tahr and an exotic variety of birds. Amidst the luxuriant vegetation you will also find the bison, spotted deer, the Sambar, common otter and the lion-tailed macaque, amongst many others. There are also several parakeets in these sanctuaries and can be a delight to watch. This is not all, a tour to any of these sanctuaries could prove to be not only a truly enriching experience but will also help rejuvenate and refresh your senses. A Kerala wildlife tour is a great way to spend some quiet time amidst nature.

Kerala is a sparkling mix of ethnicity, modernity, adventure, and spirituality. This God’s own country is most excellent for its natural beauty and eye-soothing landscapes. Be ready to come and explore Kerala for its wealth of sights, and explore to the cultural and heritage.

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