Apple has provided iOS SDK to developers so that they could build custom apps for iPhone that match the quality and functionality of the native apps. Apple's iOS software development kit contains different sets that are used to incorporate different features into iPhone apps. In order to build a robust, dynamic iPhone application, an iPhone developer must possess expertise in the native languages and tools of iOS SDK along with Objective C and Xcode.

Objective C
This high level, object oriented programming language is the main programming language used by Apple in all the iOS operating systems and the respective API's. Originally, this language was used by NeXT and was later used by Apple to build Mac OS X. The syntax of this language is derived from Smalltalk, a reflective, dynamically typed programming language. Since, it is a strict superset of C; hence, programs written in C can be compiled with an Objective-C compiler. It is a must for an iPhone programmer to have hands-on experience in Objective-C because this is the core of iPhone development.

This Integrated Development Environment developed by Apple contains a suite of development tools that help programmers to develop softwares for iOS. This powerful package acts as a precise graphical debugger and a powerful source editor. Tightly integrated with frameworks of Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, it provides a complete, productive development environment to iPhone developers. Xcode IDE includes each and every tool that a developer will require. It has:
• An Interface builder design tool
• A fully integrated Apple LLVM
• Instruments analysis tools

In short, it has everything a developer would require to create powerful applications. An expert iPhone programmer must know the design and proper usage of this iDE from the ground up so that end users can get an advantage of the latest Apple technologies.

Last but not the least, it's the iOS SDK where the developers need to be sharp and savvy. Apple's iOS SDK is stuffed with sets of tools and frameworks that enable iPhone developers to build apps according to the requirements of the clients. The SDK has been categorized into the following four sets:

• Cocoa Touch
• Media
• Core Services
• Mac OS X Kernel

An iPhone developer must know about each and every tool that is included in these sets. Without proper comprehension and experience in all the above mentioned languages, it is not at all easy to build native iPhone applications because building native apps for iPhone requires sound knowledge and expertise in these programming languages. A layman could not have such in-depth knowledge. But, a person looking to hire iPhone application programmer must have an overview of these languages and make sure that the hired iPhone app developer must have a solid grasp over these programming languages.

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