Have you ever thought about wine traveling? Well, the concept seems extremely interesting and new to many of us. While talking of traveling, we mainly talk of beaches, mountains, forests and other landscapes. But a vacation all about wining is truly exotic from all aspects. What makes wine vacation so very special? Going on such a vacation will lead to exploring rural villages, scenic vineyards, excellent wine producers, sumptuous local cuisine of various destinations, excellently cheap but awesome bed and breakfast accommodation and so on. If you haven’t booked your summer vacation as of yet, this is high time that you do the same.

Reaching the various destinations for summer wine vacation

The exotic locales which are great summer wine vacation destinations can be reached conveniently from various places in USA. If you are looking to travel luxuriously, you can travel in business class flights. Generally the prices of these tickets are quite high and not affordable by general people. But many airlines and online flight booking portals offer cheap business class flights with special offers and deals. The prices of cheap business class tickets are extremely low and seem little more than economy class fares. So, why not pay little more and travel in the luxurious and lavish premium class flights while enjoying the best onboard facilities and amenities?
Leading destinations for summer wine vacation

Champagne in France is one of the best places for enjoying summer wine vacation. The ‘drink’ champagne is regarded as the ‘king of sparkling wine’ and is loved by almost all wine lovers across the globe. The place is lovely with greenery all around. Cities of Epernay and Reims surround Champagne. To take a look at the vineyards, one has to book a car and visit the place; since it is not visible otherwise. Enjoy the best varieties of champagne while staying in the city as well as in the two surrounding cities of Epernay and Reims. Along with awesome champagne, you are sure to love the delectable French cuisine that is offered in the small bistros and eateries in Champagne.

•Porto and Douro
The small but extremely cozy city of Porto can be reached from Lisbon, the Portugal capital, by driving for about 3 hours. The name of the city is highly indicative of the wine that is produced here – the world famous Port wine. The wineries and port vineyards are located in the Douro Valley. Porto became a center of attraction for wine industry because shipping was easy from the location due to its coastal proximity. The city of Porto looks amazingly beautiful with mountainous backdrop and cobblestone-lined streets. Wine is an integral part of the culture and lifestyle of the people in Porto. And this is clearly evident if you stay 2-3 days in the region.

Greece is considered as one of the most primitive wine countries in the world. However, it is quite surprising to note that many modern wine lovers do not know much about Greek wine. Among the Greek cities Santorini is known for great quality wine, pristine sea beaches and high-acid Assyrtiko. Special mention also needs to be made of Naoussa, where experienced wine makers make complex and age-able wines from signature Xinomavro grapes. The town of Naoussa is a small one and is located on a quiet hilltop amidst the Vermio Mountains. The location of the vineyards is along the slopes, which surround this quiet town. All throughout the hills, you will find large numbers of wineries. True wine lovers will find the vineyards of Naoussa to be truly fascinating.

Apart from these, there are other prominent summer wine vacation locales in the world as well. These include Alsace (France), Martinborough (New Zealand), Alto Adige (Italy), Finger Lakes (United States) etc.

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