Do you sometimes feel empty? Are you going through a long dry spell? Or, might you have already discovered your eyes to see and ears to hear.

Many year ago, when I began repeating the powerful little prayer, “I will to will Thy will,” my life changed. These six little words are great for tapping into the power to accomplish many things, such as finding something you lost, or exceeding your wildest expectations in whatever you desire. By saying this prayer over and over I tapped into a new way of living, and discovered my spiritual eyes and ears.

Eyes to See

At the age of forty I had two teenagers and was expecting a baby. When my children would go out, I’d watch the five o’clock news on television and feel very fearful for their safety. I was literally making myself sick with worry.

While repeating my prayer, I was inspired to begin looking for the “good” in everything instead of focusing on the bad news of the day. Being very conscientious, I would try really hard to see the good. I tried so hard that I got a little cross eyed and the two o’s began coming together. I soon realized I was seeing more than the good. I had begun to see God’s hand in everything. I had awakened my “eyes to see.” Today my advice to parents is, “Don’t worry Pray.”

Ears to Hear

Some years ago I was helping a kindergarten class learn how to spell. I would hold up a picture and they would sound out the word. For example, cat. c-a-t, hat, h-a-t. When I held up a picture of a heart they were able to sound out the h, and then the t. Wondering how they would hear the other letters, I suddenly exclaimed, “There’s an ear in your heart!” One little boy excitedly raised his hand and said, “Miss Rose, Miss Rose. That’s so that we can hear Jesus!” Did you know that you have an ear in your heart? That’s where you have “ears to hear” your very personal spiritual guidance.

This wisdom changed the way I speak. I remember when I gave my first professional speech outside of Toastmasters for a group called “New Beginnings.” I did everything right. I wrote out my speech and practiced reading it over and over. I varied my voice, and added lots of body language, and, somehow, they hated me! I just hadn’t connected with the audience.

Some years later, after practicing my prayer, I was invited to speak at a conference. This time I clearly heard from my Spiritual Guidance. The voice in my heart said, “Do not prepare.” I complied. When I got up to speak, I opened my mouth and gave my best speech ever up until that time. Now I always pray before speaking. Besides “I will to will Thy will,” I pray to be given the words that will touch the hearts and minds of my listeners.

Today, after many years of practice, I naturally look for the good in everything. And I’m always sensitive to hearing my inner guidance. When you begin to practice looking for the good in every situation, you will see God’s hand at work in your life. And once you begin listening to the ear in your heart, you’ll make your spiritual connection. With eyes to see and ears to hear, your life will change from empty, to overflowing with love.

Drawing from the Well

I used to feel so empty. It was a long dry spell
Until I learned the secret of drawing from the well.
I asked the Lord to fill me up so I could realize
All the love that was within me. He opened up my eyes.
And I saw beauty all around. As it came pouring in,
My spirit started its ascent. It rose straight up to Him.
And then He opened up my ears so I could hear His Voice.
He told me that I needn’t cry. I really had the choice
To be happy every moment. I’m now so filled with love
That it just keeps overflowing from the well that’s up above.

Yes, God Himself opened up my spiritual eyes and ears. And He filled me to overflowing with His Love. Come. There’s plenty for all!

Author's Bio: 

Abraham Rose, Spiritual Educator, Speaker, Author, Poet, and Pianist is a woman of faith whose life miraculously demonstrates the spiritual principles she shares with her readers and listeners. Her inspirational words have power to transform lives. Just a few words from Abraham Rose have been known to turn lives around and put people on a higher path.
Her life is a testament to the power of Divine Love. She has overcome many trials and tribulations, enabling her to help others by providing hope and encouragement not only from theory, but from real life experience. Visit her at