A recent survey in the United Kingdom found that married couples headed for divorce are increasingly citing Facebook in their petitions. The survey revealed that a staggering 33 percent of divorce petitions contained the word Facebook, as opposed to only 20 percent in 2009.

The most common reasons for citing Facebook in the divorce petitions were inappropriate messages to members of the opposite sex (“Facebook cheating“), split up spouses posting nasty comments about each other and friends reporting spouse’s conduct.

Why Is Facebook Becoming Such a Threat To Our Marriage?

Social networks have become one of the primary ways for most of us to communicate. Facebook openly encourages all of us to reconnect with our old friends and ex lovers and meet new friends and connections. This makes it super easy to flirt and have an emotional affair with the opposite sex. If your marriage is in some kind of trouble (and most marriages are…), nothing is easier than reconnecting with your ex and rekindle a past relationship or find a new and exciting one – Without having to leave you home. Facebook cheating can truly wreak havoc on your marriage.

Facebook Cheating Stories

I can’t tell you how many stories about Facebook cheating husbands I have heard over the last years. One of my readers (no names of course) shared with me how she has helped her husband put up his Facebook account only to find that the first thing he did was to contact his childhood sweetheart and tell her how beautiful she is (and shamelessly hit on her).

Another reader told me how her fiancé connected with her best friend on Facebook (he never told her about that). She only saw some innocent looking posts on their walls but a month later he broke up with her. A week later she saw them together publicly making out at the local grocery store.

A few of my closest friends accidentally discovered that their husband is sending nasty messages about them to female co-workers of them. And these stories go on and on.

Your Husband Cheated? Here’s What to Do Right Now

If you have caught your husband Facebook cheating, or having any other emotional or physical affair, I advise you to not be impulsive and think long and hard before you rush into ending your marriage. The first question most affair victims ask themselves is WHY? Why did he do this to me?

The next phase is realizing that we can never trust our cheating spouse again. But that is not necessarily true, I know that first hand. There are a few critical signs that will help you decide if your relationship has a chance of recovering from this awful crisis. These crucial signs will help you start to regain the trust in your spouse:

Sign #1 – He shows remorse and accepts responsibility

You don’t want to hear excuses like “it was an accident”, “all men cheat — it’s what we do!’, or “I don’t know why it happened?” Nor do you want them to tell you that it was nothing and to downplay it all. Instead, they must show you real pain and remorse for their actions and take full responsibility for their bad choices. If they don’t, then you’ll simply keep your guard up because everything indicates that they’ll do it again.

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