Facebook introduced a new feature as it team up with Skype. It now enables you to have Facebook Skype video chats inside Facebook with any of your Facebook friends without you having to log onto yet another VOIP application.

I tested it briefly and though there's a small time lag in transmission of voice data I could hear the conversation clearly and I could also re size the window with the video chat.

This is an excellent feature for small businesses as it permits you to reach your clients, associates and partners readily for a quick connect without having the both of you log onto a third party VOIP application outside of Facebook.

With this new feature your Facebook friend does not even need to have a Skype account. Now that very nice because while there are 750 million users on Facebook, not many people have active Skype account or are comfortable using it.

This is a totally free application within Facebook so there is certainly no hefty tele communication charges involved when you use this new feature. Yet it enhances your business and work flow, saving you time and energy.

This function is very simple to use although somewhat lacking in bells and whistles because it is still in its infancy. With the raise in Google+, I believe Facebook will very soon be introducing improvements to the application. And in the mean time, here are my findings as I tested the new feature:

- This is a PC to PC call, I don't see an option to use it on my iphone yet- however. I'm suspecting that may be inside the pipeline.

- This is a one-to-one video call – you can’t have more than 2 persons on the video call and for that reason group calling isn't but possible – yet.

- I could on the other hand place a video message if the friend I call is currently not able to take my call.

- Using this application I could call everyone who is on my Facebook friend list (but not anyone who is outside of my Facebook list) and they are able to either respond to the call or have a video message from me.

- Unfortunately, I do not see a way to control privacy or filter calls from my Facebook friends.

So how do you initiate or activate your Facebook Video call?
1. Look for the video icon on your friend’s profile page or on his/her chat box.
2. Clicking on that can initiate a video call.
3. He or she will be prompted to download a little plug in to set this up for all future calls.

If you do not see the icons, you can go to www.Facebook.com/videocalling and get started there. It is actually pretty straightforward; just follow the instructions and you’ll be fine

I hope you find this helpful, if you want more details, I have made a video on the Facebook Skype Video Call for you that will make all this clearer. To watch this video on the Facebook Skype Video Call just click on the link here.

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Louisa YS Chan is a Social Media specialist who helps health and medical professionals set up online social media and mobile presence to brand and grow their online expert authority.

When time permits, Louisa also conducts public workshops teaching the right and responsibly use of social media ofr subsinesses.