1. Offer and demand: First, the level of the cryptocurrency depends on the balance of supply and demand, following market law. When Cryptocurrency is popular and much in demand, the price will rise. And conversely, if the supply is high, and demand is low, the price will go down. Rapid changes in the balance of supply and demand cause price volatility. Every drastic movement in the chart encourages traders to buy or sell.
    Digital currencies have high volatility, making them suitable for trading. Besides, the exchange rate also continues to fluctuate. In just one day, the prices of various digital currencies can rise 10-15% or even double.
    Both large investors and small traders, want to make money from price fluctuations through crypto trading. One of the easiest ways to get acquainted with Cryptocurrency is to open a trading account with a forex broker. Most brokers provide trading services on digital currencies.

  2. Cryptocurrency regulation: It is one of the most important factors at the moment, so it can affect the situation on the market. News about the prohibition of certain digital currencies or the industry as a whole, to the recognition of Bitcoin as a means of payment, will greatly affect its exchange value.

  3. Cryptocurrency infrastructure news: It is anything that makes Bitcoin closer and easier to use, will affect market demand. The emergence of the Crypto ATM, collaborating with the largest payment system, supports the use of Bitcoin as a payment tool in the wider domain, such as cafes and restaurants. This kind of information has a big effect on market dynamics and the growth in prices of cryptocurrencies.

  4. List of coins in the top exchange: A list of Cryptocurrency, as well as Delisting, is sure to cause price changes. Information that new cryptocurrency will be added to the exchange heightens interest in it. In many cases, the entry of a Cryptocurrency into the stock market has increased its popularity and liquidity. A listing is a positive thing that can cause a price increase. Conversely, Delisting is almost always followed by a significant price decline.

  5. News in the media: The price volatility of cryptocurrencies is largely based on the hype that continues to increase interest. A sharp decline can be influenced by posts on social networks and official revelations from world-famous figures Cryptocurrency. In the realm of Cryptocurrency, the news has a significant influence on the situation on the market.

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