The origin of nannies has emerged as a boon for working mothers, making it easier for them to manage the proper balance between their professional and personal engagements. It would not be wrong to say that the nannies have become as the second mother of kids who are left alone at home during the absence of their parents. The usefulness of the nannies can be understood from the fact that they are not only required by the working parents, but even by families where the mother always stays at home to look after her child. Well, this might surprise you at the first instance, but you will agree that there are some hours of the day either daily or during the week when even a mother has to go out of the home for any reason. It is the time when no one is at the home to look after the kid, at that time a family feels the need of a nanny to assist them.

But, one thing about which almost all the families are concerned is the cost of a nanny charged by the nanny agencies. Because, today going through the huge requirement of the nannies there are lots of agencies that offer their services to the families willing to hire them, and therefore there is sometimes huge difference between the charges charged by them despite of being working in the same location. In this regard, there are certain factors which the parents should consider while hiring the services of a nanny from an agency.

1. Location and type of service: Before, hiring the services of a nanny it would be important to check on the availability of a nanny in your locality. For instance, if your place is located in the outskirts or in the area that is not easily accessible by regular transport facility, then obviously you will be required to pay high charges for the nanny you are going to hire. Along with this you should also look for the service that you want to receive from her. Whether you are hiring the nanny for full day or part time, the charges will almost be the same, however there might be slight difference depending upon their working timings.

Moving ahead, the experience and academic qualifications of a nanny is also an important trait to determine the charges of the nanny. If you are searching for a nanny that is well educated and also an experienced then undoubtedly you will be required to pay high fees, because going through these factors she will offer her services to your family. On the contrary, if you are willing to pay less fees then a recently pass out nanny or a nanny without undergoing any sort of training will cost you even less as compared to an experienced and well educated nanny.

2. Additional Incentives: When you hire the services of a nanny, then the relation between both of you is similar to an employer and employee and therefore they are eligible for the regular incentives that are offered to a regular employee. For instance, if you are hiring a live-in nanny that will stay at your home throughout the day, then along with paying her regular salary you will be also required to make proper arrangements for her living. These arrangements are stagnated to only offering her suitable bed and room for residing, but also includes all those facilities that other members of your family are enjoying in their room. In-fact even if they are not having any type of facility in their room, it is your responsibility to provide that facility to the nanny.

Along with these facilities a nanny will also require to go for a leave during a week, that could be decided between you and her, depending upon your mutually agreed day of the week. Moving ahead, if your nanny has to go out with your child, for any reason whether it is to visit a doctor for regular check-up or buying any stuff for your child then she should be either allowed to travel in your personal car along with the driver or you should make proper arrangements for her transport at your own level.

3. Taxes: As referred above the relation between a nanny and the family is similar to an employer and employee, therefore going through this you will be required to pay necessary taxes to the government as determined for the employers. However, the taxation process of such services is different from the taxation process determined for the business operators. To get rid of this problem you should collect information from the local taxation office of your city.

Conclusion: The availability of nanny services is undoubtedly a boon for the families, but there are lots of families that due to lack of proper knowledge sometimes feel to be cheated by their services. Therefore, as you conduct proper research in the market before buying any product for your family, similarly it would be better for you to consider all the factors related with the services and charges determined for hiring the service of a nanny.

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