Obesity has been affecting people all around the globe at an increasingly alarming rate. According to the World Health Organization, the rate of obesity has increased one hundred per cent since the year 1980. In 2008, over 1.4 billion adults around the world aged 20 years or above were obese. What is more alarming is that a large number of children, mainly from developed countries, are getting increasingly overweight. By 2010, more than 40 million children below the age of five were found to be overweight.

The most important point in understanding facts about extra weight is to analyze the causes of obesity. Obesity occurs when the calories consumed is more than the amount of calories burned. All the unspent energy stays in the body in the form of fat. This is accumulated over the months, leading to even more weight and obesity-related health issues. This surplus of calories is happening as the eating habits of people have remained somewhat similar, while their lifestyle has become more and more sedentary.

People used to engage in a lot of physical activities as we did not have the latest gadgets, appliances and vehicles at our disposal. Therefore, all the energy we consumed through food was spent to perform these strenuous activities. However, most people now lead a sedentary lifestyle, travel by cars, use elevators, and play video games instead going outdoors and so on. An increasingly popular fast food culture where people eat less fruits and vegetables and consume more meat, sweets, soda and oily food, only leads to obesity.

Obesity and excess fats you carry all around your body can actually be dangerous and is regarded to be the fifth riskiest factor for death. Being overweight naturally lead to many diseases like diabetes which affects 44 per cent of overweight people, and heart disease affecting 23 per cent. It is estimated that a minimum of 2.8 million people die each and every year due to illnesses resulting from carrying around excess fats.

If necessary measures are not taken in time, one can potentially suffer from many diseases that can result in death. A change in your lifestyle, getting regular exercise, eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and cutting down on oily as well as junk food and sweets will help to decrease your weight. By constantly making healthy eating choices and living a more active lifestyle, we can help prevent the problem of obesity.

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