Faith Grows From the Inside Out

The faith that is valid for you is what only you can feel in your heart and soul. This is your true essence awakening! It is your life long relationship that you authentically create with yourself and your higher power. It grows as you nurture it earnestly and consistently. By keeping your faith, having hope and cultivating a self liking you will create that sense of self that will experience true happiness and freedom along your journey, wherever it takes you!

A beautiful analogy for nurturing faith is the way nature works for a flower’s growth. It needs water, sunlight and good earth for its roots to stay healthy so it may blossom as it is intended to; likewise, every personal journey needs the nurturance for its own health and its unique quest for self growth. Though your experiential relationship here on earth may bring obstacles or risks that challenge you, remember that you may rise to a higher level when conquering them. I like to refer to these obstacles as “necessary distractions” along the way that test your commitment to be true to yourself. At times, these flowers need to weather the elements, though we know during the Springtime they will magically re-appear.

This article is my way of sharing and instilling hope to you, the reader, as a result of my own life experience. This embodiment is also my own reminder that I am dealing with my own obstacles that will hopefully benefit myself and others as I share my thoughts with you. The foundation of faith is fundamental and hope is the hostess for great beginnings. The main principle here is to embody these constructs with right intention and use them for the highest good. It may be useful to conceive of HOPE as a means to Have Other Possibilities Eventually!!!

I have not just witnessed but have experienced amazing powers of hope and faith over and over again…in both my personal and professional life. This principle speaks volumes that the medium of language cannot truly convey. By cultivating these for yourself through meditation and prayer, your life becomes a practice in heart. Also, when facilitating this process for others, you can feel their shift as it brings great inner reward both for you and for them. These are the building blocks for getting through any of life’s difficulties, regardless of what they seem.

I have pondered these concepts that have been incubating for a very long time. They have crystallized as my own motivation to live an inspired life. I share this inspiration as I know I feel called to do so. I hope this begins to make more sense, as my own life situation has brought unique challenge, to which many times I had to keep asking and wondering why my obstacles have chosen me, until I reframed to asking whether it was possible that I have chosen them? At first there was no answer and then the answer slowly became clearer, until one day I decided to sit down and write and write.

The resolve is in knowing that my obstacles were mine to value for they have made me who I am today. Without them, who knows what I would have been doing instead of writing for myself. Those stop signs and red lights have helped me to realize the divine message coming in and through me, as I experience them firsthand. I have chosen to be thankful instead of resentful and allow them to enrich me along my own life journey. My Faith and Hope have grown and blossomed as true inner knowing. These are the gifts that came from my own share of challenges.

Stream of Conscious journaling is a useful tool that can be both creative and fun. It helps you to gain clarity around the issues that you want to work on for yourself. It provides a platform for self-reflection so that your truth may enhance your ability for self growth. Considering the negativity that at times seems epidemic, we all must overcome not just this in our own lives, but in the world around us. The news and media contribute to this often which is why we must continue to raise consciousness around this phenomenon. When you keep faith and hope, you know that things will work out in a benevolent way if you are receptive and willing to take your share of responsibility. With this said, treasure your time now regardless of what is happening in your life because you know that soon this moment will be your past.

The past is gone and the future yet to be, so live peacefully and gracefully in the present. Keep Faith and Hope inside your heart.

Author's Bio: 

Moreen's holistic philosophy integrates both traditional and alternative modalities in all of her creative endeavors. She embraces the totality of Mind, Body, Spirit healing. She is a New Jersey Licensed Social Worker who has earned her MSW and also holds a BA in Psychology. She has worked in both clinical and non clinical settings with individuals of all ages.

She is a free lance writer with the passion for metaphysical and personal transformational literature.

Co-author in PWN’s “The Confident Woman: Tapping Into Your Inner Power” Chapter 23, Self Trust, Self Care, Self Signature

Co-author of a metaphysical book for both children and adults: in process for publication.

Published numerous on-line articles with Self

Additionally, she is a certified Life Purpose and Career Coach by The Life Purpose Institute. She enjoys coaching because she believes in principles that access intrinsic inspiration and practical motivational strategies. Additionally, she has been trained in Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (Level II), Masters’ level Reiki Practitioner as well as other Communication modalities, such as Parenting Education.

She may be reached at (732) 754-8681 or Linked In

Available for free lance writing or Life Coaching by appointment