Spiritual life is real life. It's who you really are - even who you are when you aren't living physically anymore. In a sense, what you are is your beliefs, your values. Seekers of actionable and factual information, however, are inundated by theory, propaganda and religious politics. It's so hard to know where to start in spirituality that some of us don't start. Which is a bad thing.

You have to start with what YOU really believe, not what you are led to believe you believe, or what you assume you believe, or what your social circle believes. There's a real 'you' under the surface.

When your house is a mess, you start anywhere and do anything to straighten it up, don't you? This same technique works in your nonphysical house as well.

Funny thing. When you post a question to 'the Universe,' you get an answer unique to you. You know. You just know. That answer contains a suggestion to act upon. When you act upon it, one thing leads to another. You find people who you help, and people who help you. You have an open door now. One thing leads to another.


Let's say your initial question to the universe is how to get out of a situation. (That is what it often is.) Let's say the idea you received within yourself was to go to a school or to another town or another job, or to make peace with someone. Let's say you do that. That action puts you on the right track: your definition of 'the right track.'

When you act on faith, you know now. So it's not faith anymore; it's knowledge. You tested your reality and you are sure. Faith is the theory that leads to certainty. Faith is the crutch until the muscle develops.

It has to the the real you under the surface who approaches. Only thinking or assuming you are seeking doesn't connect: Your toaster has to be plugged in to heat the bread, even if you think it was plugged in.

I once had a series of dreams of visiting God in His study. In my dream, he resembled Santa Claus a lot, and was enjoying cognac and a good cigar, watching a television-like screen linked to a globe. One of the things He said was "Religion is not my fault." I was myself in that dream. And I was listening, not talking.

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