While you might have your own fat burning workout and fancy equipment to help you pump off the calories, mindless exercising on its own will not benefit you much. Your focus should be to workout in a manner such that you can maximize your weight loss. Here in this article we will look at how you can use the elliptical trainer to maximize your weight loss outcomes.

Elliptical Trainer: Fat Burning Workout Pointers

Here are some great pointers to help you use the elliptical trainer effectively for burning more fat as suggested by fitness experts.

ØDon’t stop working: To maximize the amount of fat you burn on the elliptical trainer, don’t let its gliding momentum guide your workout’s pace. Your legs should be pushing the pedals around. If the elliptical trainer has rails, hold on to them lightly. Hold it too tightly and you might end up supporting your weight with your hands.

ØBlast away at regular intervals: During every commercial or every fourth song on your music player, boost the intensity of your workout. Fitness trainers recommend increasing the intensity at regular intervals because, a steady workout pace will burn calories consistently but high intensity workouts at intervals burn more fat thus helping you lose more weight faster.

ØExercise your whole body: Focus on strengthening your core and arm muscles. This way more muscles will come into use and thus burn more fat. For instance, if you are using a lower body elliptical trainer, bring your arms into an athletic pose with the upper arms close to the chest and the elbows bent. This will help to strengthen your core muscles. If you are using a full body elliptical trainer, engage your arms consciously by pushing and pulling with the same intensity as with your legs.

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