The word Faux has been floating around for some time and is currently the new word in fashion. From fashion apparel to accessories, décor, and furnishing, especially Faux leather, it has never been widely acclaimed as of this time.

These faux leather or vinyl sheets are perfect for your needlework or crafting project. Typical uses are DIY projects, key rings, hair bow, wallet, bookmarks, lip balm holder, and head ribbon.
Buy harry potter faux leather sheets online; this beautiful character printed faux leather fabric has a unique look. Beautiful colors and shades follow each character simultaneously, while a light shade of sheet makes each look different from the material.
With so much discussion about the faux leather sheet, aka synthetic and artificial, many are still easily confused or difficult to identify its differential properties. Thanks to the extensive improvement of manufacturing methods and finished products.

Faux leather is one of the few names fabricated to represent synthetic leather or, in general terms, synthetic leather. In addition to faux leather, you may have heard of leatherette or Koskin, one of the few names of the artificial leather sheet that describe the end-use of a specific product.

Leatherette is a name given to synthetic leather used in specific apparel and auto upholstery. On the other hand, Koskin will be the name given to consumer goods made of this synthetic leather which leaves us with natural faux leather, which is used for anything from furniture to headboard furnishings.

Synthetic Leather Construction
Generally, polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC- Vinyl) materials fabricate faux leather sheets.

Vinyl synthetic leather has existed since the 1940s, first being used for shoes, automobile interiors, and upholstery. While both polyurethane and polyvinyl are used for garments, upholstery, and other daily stuff, it will be essential to state that some products are most suitable than others.

For example, vinyl not being breathable like PU is not a good choice for clothing but is perfect for products such as book bindings to repel moisture. On the other hand, polyurethane would be an excellent choice for clothing because it is a more breathable material than vinyl. Nevertheless, regardless of these differences, you can find just about anything made from both of these types of faux leather sheets.

Synthetic Leather Material
Manufactured from a fabric chemically treated with wax, polyvinyl, dye, and polyurethane for color and texture, synthetic leather is ultimately a manufactured material similar to natural leather but at a meager cost. Because of this, faux leather fabric has an artificial effect that takes the form of pores, which in turn presents the material with a texture that mimics the real deal.

Synthetic leather is more affordable compare to natural leather. Low maintenance is required for synthetic leather but not natural leather. Faux leather has a natural form and a consistency that is not present in genuine leather. Synthetic leather is easier to work with than real leather, which makes it an ample fashion opportunity. It can maintain its level of hardness and shape longer than others. A chemical odor is present in faux leather, while genuine leather will contain a natural fragrance.

Many faux leather types are made by overlaying different substances together, often containing material or fabric as a backing. It changes the feel and texture, which makes a significant variation between faux and genuine leather.

Liverpool fabric
Liverpool fabric is a textured stretch crepe fabric for fashion apparel clothing. Stretchable across the grain, this static knit material is ideal for costumes, loose-fitting jackets, skirts, and tops. It contains 97% polyester, 3% spandex. The Liverpool Knit is a medium-weight double knit with a jacquard-like weave with a textured, almost spongy surface. They are superb for dresses, skirts, tops and some cardigans.

The Best Hocus Pocus Liverpool Fabric is a poly-spandex blend made on the right side of the fabric and smoothed on the wrong side. It is usually a 2-way stretch. Excellent stretch and lovely thick fabric, plus good recovery. What you can make: peplum top, Pencil skirt, circle skirt, dress, and blazer.

The flexibility of Liverpool fabric is a beautiful thing. But the best part? You can choose from Liverpool Knit Fabric in Solid, Stripes, Animal Prints, and Floral Patterns are available in an online store. Liverpool fabric selection has a wide range of options and combinations so that you can add a unique and typical design to your project.

The material is somehow durable and suitable for everyday use. It feels great after washing, so it is a good choice for pieces that you are likely to wear often.

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The flexibility of Liverpool fabric is a beautiful thing. But the bes