The reason I'm writing this article is because I haven't seen the subject thoroughly debated,as it should.

There's a lot of reading material online towards every topic you could think of,but this one requires so much more attention,as it's a vital part of our lives.

I'm contributing to what I hope to be the upcoming of an era to get us closer to understanding ourselves.

We all have to walk the Earth,have our living,socialize and interact with the people around us.
More or less often,we're being put through new surroundings,placed into places we've never been before or confronted with open doors we're not sure we want to walk through.

The phobia towards society affects so much of us on so many levels that some don't even realize are living in a world governed by it or simply have no idea how to get over it.
Here's to changing it!


First of all : realize this fear you have is more likely to be sourced from something in your past.
People,situations,animals - these are the things to scare you off.

Every time you get to a point you're so nervous about something that your entire body keeps telling you to run for it - ask yourself: Why does it happen ?.

What is it about your past that gets your spidey senses tingling?

Once you've come to it,try debating your memories back then as thorough as you can.
Relive and have it in a way your mind filter will be a logical one this time.
Try figuring out a reasonable way to solve it a different way.
Secret of it is realizing you're in control of it now.Feel safe about it,give up your emotions to it and be aware of the fact you're in your safety zone now.
You're in control !
Could you have been following a different path in the memory that is now scarring you ?
Is there a success story in all this?
So do it !

Healing process

The most present advice on this will be going to a therapist.
Good one,but I think you can manage by yourself too.

Therapists are professionals with it,but they're also expensive and will deal with your mind.
So can you!

Take it a step at a time,every theoretical centimeter you'll go through is a genuine blessing milestone for you!

Put it all to an end - give it a meaning that makes sense and truly believe you're up to changing your life.
Don't hesitate changing your life and taking the steps you've been to scared to walk before,you'll just end up missing the things most likely life will only offer you once and there's no practical answer to the ever-present "What if ..?".

Types of society phobias:

Fear of watching - the type of awkward feeling you get when you think someone else is staring at you and it frightens you.
You'll most likely be too afraid to look back or come up with a getaway plan.

This is a very common one and it goes even to most simple things like taking a bus,knowing someone is looking at you and you just can't keep thinking about wanting to get out as soon as possible.
Statistics have it even though you'd look back,you wouldn't be able to maintain eye contact for more than a few seconds,as there's a signal in your brain telling you to stop switching visuals.

Why ?

My advice : Dare !

Most likely,the reason you're so scared is the feeling people are more evil than they really are and to know their eyes are gazing upon goes to the back of your head,as terrifying as it is.

And the faster you realize it,the better.
Take a peak under the water's first layer and you'll realize it's not so scary.
The most common reasons people are looking at you is they like you,your eyes have crossed paths out of accident or you simply look familiar.

Well,excepting the cases you're all alone in a midnight bus and there's a creepy guy behind you.Grab your pepper spray then.

Once you understand the fact your fear should only be of reasonable values,you'll go through it easier.
However long of a process that may seem like,once you get there,your area of comfort will grow exponentially.

Understanding and being aware of a phobia takes half of it's effect over you.

Look around you and dare be the one who enjoys life at it's full,there'll be no one else doing it for you.

Find the irrational in your actions and turn them into things to work on.

Fear of being discovered

Your thoughts and intentions are the most genuine thing in you at any time being.

Going deeper,they are the sum of what your life has come to,to that point.

What has happened to you up until now is the total of factors that uniquely shaped you in the person you've come to be.

All your emotions,memories,thoughts and actions are "YOU"!

Why would you wear a mask or put on a nice dress over it knowing it won't change your true face?

Show your feelings,let the ones around you know how you feel.
Take care of analyzing them all when the time comes right.

Your behavior and feelings can always change with the right set of instructions and tools.
As can you,so can they. And viceversa.

Fear of negative feedback

Reality has it : life will bring you lots of criticism.
The secret lies,however,in the truth behind the bad words.

Try discovering it from as many and as set apart sources you can.
In other words,see if more than one person feels the same way about you.

Remember,the wolf can change it's hair color,but that's about it.

Every single situation you'll be faced with during your lifetime will have more than one perspective.
A saying of mine goes like this: "A person can be a proven murderer,but also a father.Sadistic and ruthless,psychopath and bloody on one hand..loving,tender and full of compassion on the other." It's all about the angle you look from.

One of the most important thing you can benefit in life from is honesty.
Show yourself the respect of admitting you're wrong and try seeing what the others feel regarding your actions.

Balance the wins and the losses of those connected to whatever situation you're faced with and determine whether it's enough to change their behavior or not.

Fear of not being able to communicate

A good thing to know about this is the fact it usually happens to smart,but shy persons.

Your subconscious keeps telling you you're unable to fit in,that you won't know the proper words,the right tone or you simply don't have the proper knowledge to go into a conversation,but it all nulls itself out the moment you're smart enough to ask these questions to yourself.

"Small winning steps means success." Ask about stuff you don't know about,learning is what we all do during our entire lifetime.

The first think everyone thinks about a person not participating in group talks is the fact they're socially inadequate,lack the interest or are not properly equipped to carry on with the subject.
You know it's not right,prove it to the world !

Choose telling them they're wrong by having the nerve and express your opinions out loud,chances are they've been missing the uniqueness you've recently decided to bring.

Even though "The ones who keep quiet are the ones who know the most",it is also true the ones who decide to be silent simply have no saying.That eliminates their opinion for starters.

As time passes and you engage in more and more conversations,you'll end up realizing you're getting better at talking to people and the fears you've once had are fading away like snow does in the spring.


Have your friends,family or any close persons you have help you out.

Try hanging out with persons that are more inclined to being bold and have a positive attitude towards socializing.

Engage in conversations and situations that once made you feel insecure at times you have them around.

Think about yourself as a gate that is now letting any good information and vibe pass through them.

Get around the obstacles you once had and motivate yourself with knowing this will only get better,once you dare.

Use the internet and every other information you can get your hands on regarding your problems.

Start your trial on the things you're having issues with,try different approaches and solutions until you get the right one.And stick with it!

Author's Bio: 

I'm a 23 years-old former IT & sales departments employee,with an history in blogging and a mad passion towards writing.
Have been taking care of my own websites/blogs for 5 years now,and been recently taking over as many writing communities as I can,so you'll pretty much see me anywhere gathering people alike.
Here's to a good one!