Feeling fear whenever you are thrusting yourself outside your comfort zone is a natural response. The challenge is to know when fear is justified and a reason to stop or when fear is just a normal part of the success journey and an opportunity for you to use the fear to sharpen your senses, where you confront the fear and go ahead anyway.

When fear is justified, for example where you may be entering into a contractual agreement with someone that is less than trustworthy, it is crucial to listen to your inner voice and to use the fear you feel to protect yourself. On the other hand, any time you thrust yourself into unchartered territory, where you are pushed outside your self-imposed comfort zone, you will feel fear too. The challenge is to know when fear is real and justified and when it is just your natural desire to seek comfort and avoid pain.

Super achievers have mastered this art and they very quickly identify whether fear is justified or whether it is just a normal fear that they are feeling because they are taking a calculated risk and are pushing the boundaries of their comfort zone. You need to invest time to develop this art, where you can very quickly tell if fear is justified or whether it is just your natural aversion to inviting some risk into your life. Feeling fear is a natural protection mechanism that is built into your brain to protect you from any pending danger.

The way to enter the realm of super achievement is to very quickly know whether fear is justified or not and to confront your fear, where you feel the fear and go ahead anyway or when to realise that your fear is real and you must take action to avoid the danger. You can never get rid of your fear, but you can learn the art of confronting your fear and using it to your advantage.

For example:
•Your fear of ignorance can be used to generate inspiration to constantly grow your knowledge.
•Your fear of poverty can be used to inspire you to work a little harder.
•Your fear of disease can inspire you to take better care of your body.
•The fear of losing your family can inspire you to remain faithful, work a little harder and show them love as often as possible.

The secret to becoming and remaining a super achiever is to learn the art of quickly identifying the difference between harmful or justified fear or helpful fear or unjustified fear. As soon as you make the shift toward understanding how to use fear to your advantage you turn something that can be very limiting and restrictive into an asset that you can use to create massive success in your life.

Once you have learnt the art of knowing when fear is real and justified or when it is just a natural response to your attachment to stability, it is time to introduce the art of daily discipline into your life. As Roy L Smith said “Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.” Daily discipline is the key to unlock your potential and to turn you into a high performance human being, who operates at levels of super achievement.

Positive self-discipline, where you commit to carry out all the tasks you need to each day, puts you firmly in the driver’s seat and over time, these consistent efforts will turn into the success you desire. Yes success does require a commitment to daily discipline and an investment of some of your valuable time, which will cost you something small each day. Failure on the other hand requires nothing from you each day, but the price you will pay in the long run will be massive. What choice do you want to make with your future?


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