Feeling isolated seems to have been par for the course this past year. With many people social distancing and being unable to meet up with others, many people report depression and feelings of loneliness. Usually, many would turn to their church community, but with social distancing recommendations and even guidelines against congregating, it's become harder to find support from the usual church communities.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find faith-based groups for help and support during this difficult time. If you're searching for ways to connect with others of faith, you should be aware that options do exist.

Online Bible Study

One of the more popular choices right now is finding an online Bible study group. These classes are usually conducted over popular virtual meeting sites and give believers a chance to get together and discuss their holy texts. A good Bible study class will not only give you a chance to study, but a chance to talk to others about how the study reflects your own journey. Learning together as a group gives you the chance to hear many different perspectives on the same passages. This can help you come to a better understanding for yourself.

Virtual Church Service

Many churches have gone online, giving members a chance to gather together every week to learn in a new atmosphere. Online services are often livestreamed, giving members a chance to view each service just as they normally would but in the comfort of their own homes. If you go to a smaller church, you may even be able to comment during the sermon or send in a prayer request so that you can feel a little more connected to what is going on and being taught.

Prayer Groups

If study isn't your main goal, you might want to look into a prayer group. These groups meet on virtual meeting platforms and simply get together from time to time to pray. This may be not only a good way to help ground yourself in your faith on a daily basis, but also a great way to stay connected to others. Prayer groups are a great place to really devote yourself to your faith and to share that devotion with others. It also helps you to better know and understand the needs of others. This can put your own struggles in perspective and help you focus on others in need.

Devotional Groups

Similar to a bible study, devotional groups are groups that come together virtually in order to worship. Smaller than a church service, these groups will read the Bible, discuss lessons, and may even just spend some time offering one another support. These groups are fantastic for those who really need some human connection to help keep their faith strong.

You don't have to be alone in your faith, even during a pandemic. There are many online services that can connect you with others, and connecting with them can help you stay strong in your faith. While studying the scriptures on your own is great, using these tools can help you continue to feel like a part of God's community, even when you’re struggling.

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