Are you feeling stuck? Maybe you’re in a job you hate, in relationships that aren’t serving you, or in a cycle of unhealthy behavior. If this sounds like what you’re experiencing, know that you are not alone! Many people have reached out to me looking for a career coach, because they feel stagnant and are not achieving the results they want in their life. Deciding to get support is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. There is no shame in asking for help. In fact, this often saves time and money, while reducing the chance that you quit on your goals. When you are feeling stuck, embracing positivity is one thing that will help you create success.

Your mindset plays a large part in the results you are actually getting in your life. Mindset involves how you generally view the world and yourself in it. Do you see the glass as half empty or half full? When I work with my clients, we explore their mindset and what they think is possible for themselves. We get to the root of any fears or negative thoughts that limit them from reaching their goals. I’ve outlined the key areas where tapping into more positivity will help, regardless of what you want. Are you looking for ways to increase your income? Would you like to find a fulfilling career and stop wasting your time in jobs that aren’t for you? Let’s discuss three ways positivity helps you create success!

Come from a place of gratitude- When you are being positive, you see the glass as half full. You know there are many people who are less fortunate than you are. Billions of people in the world live on less than $1.25 a day, without conveniences like indoor plumbing or running water. Do you see how this puts your draining, manipulative boss at work into perspective? When you celebrate what you do have, you are expressing gratitude, which helps to draw more positive experiences and opportunities into your life. This might be hard to focus on at first, but it doesn’t take much research to see that this is what separates the extremely, successful people from everyone else.

Connect with others- Positive people are attractive. They stand out from others and are able to build deep connections in their personal and professional lives. Who would you rather be around someone who is growing and pursuing new things, or someone who is always talking about why dreams never come true? This might seem obvious, but most people are limiting their own success by surrounding themselves with negative people. By making the conscious decision to be more positive, some relationships in your life could disappear. At the same time, you will be building new connections to help you evolve.

See new opportunities- Your mindset determines how you view situations and opportunities. This is important because you are either pulling what you want towards you with your thoughts and actions, or you’re pushing it away from you. For example, let’s say that two people in a company are laid off. One person sees it as a blessing in disguise because they weren’t happy at the company and not making enough money to live the lifestyle they want. The other person disliked the job as well for the same reasons, but saw themself as a victim of the company and the economy. Who do you think is more likely to ace their next job interview?

Usually, when you are feeling stuck there is confusion about something in your life. This could show up as not knowing what your ideal career is, feeling constantly drained by the people around you, or repeating behaviors that you know won’t get the results you want. Focusing on having a positive mindset can help you create success through gratitude, forming deep connections, and seeing new opportunities. What is one thing you can do to have more positivity in your life?

Author's Bio: 

Porschia Parker is a Certified Professional Coach, Founder of Fly High Coaching: and the Millennial Performance Institute.

When she is not coaching, Porschia enjoys traveling, cooking, and working with animals.

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