When designing and decorating your home, it's important to remember that nobody is too old or too young to benefit from the ancient art of feng shui. So, when you are decorating your child's playroom, try using a few feng shui principles to energize the space. You'll find that the room will become a more pleasant place to be, promoting your child's creativity and natural sense of curiosity. Here are a few tips you can use right away to enhance your child's playroom.

Add More Energy

Since playrooms are designed to be high-energy areas, be sure to use bright and energetic colors as part of the room's overall scheme. Bright shades of yellow, pink, green, red and purple are all good playroom choices. When choosing a color scheme, give some thought as to your child's likes, dislikes and natural personality. For example, a child that is naturally sunny and cheerful would probably enjoy a yellow playroom. You can also use bright colors that support the overall decorating theme of the room, such as using green frog décor or red fire engines.

It's important to remember that different colors promote different kinds of emotions and methods of self-expression. For example, green will encourage your child's explorative nature, yellow can give your child more clarity and focus, and red can increase his or her sense of self-expression. Blue is great for the child who could use a bit more self-esteem, while purple can promote creativity. If the room is to be shared by more than one child, orange can help build cooperation while pink can make it easier for them to connect with each other.

Creating a Fun, Uncluttered Environment

A children's playroom can sometimes be a bit challenging to decorate, due to the fact that it can often seem to serve as a "clutter magnet." However, there are ways to reduce playroom clutter while still promoting a fun and stimulating environment. Provide your child with plenty of shelves and bookcases, which can provide efficient storage space for toys and books. Bins, boxes, plastic milk crates and other containers can keep toys handy and yet neatly organized when not in use. A large whiteboard, chalkboard, cork board or magnetic board mounted on the wall can be a great way to provide your child with a place to display his or her artwork and other papers. These boards can also be a great place to display awards, good report cards and other items that will instill pride and self-esteem in your child.

Playroom Decorating Tips

When decorating your child's playroom, it's important to promote positive energy instead of anything that is negative or overly aggressive. Cheerful nature posters or even some photos from your last family vacation can work well as wall décor. Your child's favorite cartoon characters can also serve as the room's overall theme, as long as they aren't too chaotic or aggressive. Interesting abstract designs such as brightly painted geometric shapes can also add a positive, attractive look and feel to the room. Finally, a soft, colorful area rug can add a touch of cheer as well as a comfortable place for your child to sit and play.

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