You can have all the abundance and prosperity you desire!! Discover how to be, do and have whatever you want whenever you want

To change your life you have to change your life. You must take responsibility for your results in life. Blaming others and making excuses does not get you what you want. Your results are caused by the sum total of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and ultimately your actions.

If you aren’t happy with your results in life you must change. There is no other way. Stop searching for the ‘magic pill’ it doesn’t exist. The certain way to abundance and prosperity has been known for centuries.

The Secret of Secrets...

Abundance and prosperity begins in the mind. Attracting abundance and prosperity is an inside job.

Increase your awareness, become more conscious of what is going on in your body and mind and the laws of the universe will bring abundance and prosperity into your life.

When you grow personally you expand your ‘mental muscles’. Your energy vibration changes and the law of attraction causes abundance and prosperity to flow into your life.

Your Outside World Reflects Your Inner World...

Your outside world reflects your inner world. What you think and feel causes your experience and results in the outside world. Focus on what you don’t want, as most people do, and this is what you end up getting.

Most people focus on the outside world to get what they want in life. People try to change things they cannot control. The result in stress, disappointment and failure to achieve what they really want in life.

Achieve Abundance and Prosperity When You Overcome...

• Your limiting beliefs
• Emotional suppression
• Right and wrong dichotomy

Through the process of social conditioning and enculturation you developed subconscious mental programs during infancy and childhood. You created these mental programs to protect you from your vulnerability and to feel safe and secure. The programs you created in childhood often do not serve you well as an adult.

Emotional suppression causes many people, especially men, to give up their potential. We are taught to control and suppress our emotions. Suppressed emotion acts like a pressure cooker. Eventually the pressure becomes too much to control. If you are alive and reading this I expect you have experienced emotional flare ups.

Right and wrong thinking holds you back. Our whole society is based around being right and wrong. There are infinite ways to do the same thing – ‘there’s more than one way to skin a cat’. When I changed my thinking from right and wrong to effective and ineffective my life took a massive leap forward.

Techniques for Getting For Moving Forward...

• Focus on what you want – get clarity
• Feel your feelings – suppressed feelings means a loss of power
• Let go of the past, leave your baggage behind – now is all you have
• Get in the orbit of people who have what you want
• Get mentored by someone who already has what you want
• Get a coach to keep you accountable
• Read widely and learn at every opportunity
• Give gratitude for all that you have

Modalities for Transformation...

I’ve personally tried all these modalities for transformation, many with profound effects. What works for someone may not work for another. All these techniques focus on increasing awareness by clearing ineffective mental programs and inserting more effective programs into your subconscious mind.

• EFT – emotional freedom technique
• Voice Dialogue
• Psych-K – psychological kinesiology
• Classical Meditation
• Neuro Linguistic Programming

Change your thinking, change your feelings, change your beliefs, change your actions, change your behaviour and you will change your life.

Invest in yourself for the best returns. You are worth the effort.

Reclaim your potential and make the world a better place.

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Author's Bio: 

Chris Parkinson is a CPA MBA who escaped the corporate life with the assistance of a self-made multi-millionaire mentor. Chris is committed to reclaiming his potential and helping others reclaim their potential.