Having that desirable need to want to find a husband can kind of sound desperate. To me it is MOST important that you do not go rushing into anything that may cause you some long term difficulties. It is and can be a sad world out there, I have seen so much of girls getting hurt. Getting left with children on there own. Struggling with the hand they got dealt...

You may want to find a husband to settle down with in 52 weeks! That is all good. I am just saying slow down to do it once and do it right. If you do that you could have the husband you want and deserve in no time flat.

There is so much you can do to make your self desirable to men. But there is much more you should understand about keeping him first.

The purpose of this article is to enforce that fact, to simply protect you from getting hurt. Sure I could rattle of many tips right here about how you could find a husband within 52 weeks, but what about saving you marriage from divorce?

That statistics of today show that in the US alone over 80% of marriages are ending in the first five years. I don't want that for anybody.

There are many men available for you to find a husband. You can join an online dating site like match.com and have a husband in a month, a good man at that too.

You could go to a youthful church and seek out a great husband within 1 year.

You could find a decent husband by doing some charity work. NT: some real good guys do this.

Finding some sort of hobby that you have great interest is another good way to find a husband within 52 weeks, as you will be doing something that you will have in common.

There are men who will marry you for the benefit of getting a green card into your country.

You could find a husband stalking a man that you have an attraction to! Of course this kind of guy usually end up cheating and using you. Not the way to attract a long term LOVE...

All these suggestions are good ways to find yourself a husband. But I need to confirm my appeal that finding your man is one thing. It is the having him "STAY" in love you, that I feel is more important.

I hope you understand the point here. I want your love to be the happiest it can be. after all it is time for us to make the positive change our world needs...

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