The job of a myotherapist is a very important and potentially rewarding one, working on the human musculoskeletal system.

Myotherapy has managed to gain international recognition and has transformed into an allied health discipline. It is practised in a multitude of countries across the world, including Australia.

What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is a form of physical therapy that focuses on the rehabilitation of certain musculoskeletal pains.

American fitness pioneer, Bonnie Prudden coined the term myotherapy. She used the term to reference a specific form of trigger point therapy.

Myotherapists use a range of techniques to treat patients, including but not limited to trigger point therapy and soft tissue massage techniques such as joint mobilisation and muscle energy technique.

It’s safe to say that myotherapy is controversial within the academic and medical world because it has relatively little medical or scientific backing.

Careers in Myotherapy

A degree or certification in myotherapy is sure to offer you a wide range of massage-related careers from which to choose, including:


As a myotherapist, you’ll have the opportunity to work with patients in relieving muscle spasms and pain throughout the body. This is done by applying pressure to trigger points across the body.

Rehabilitation Officer

With a certification in myotherapy, you’ll have the opportunity to work with patients recovering from life-changing events such as accidents.

This job is not only rewarding but also very lucrative if done right. Rehabilitation officers with a myotherapy certification usually find employment in hospitals or private rehabilitation centres.

Myotherapy Training and Certification

An Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy can be completed in 9-16 months. Training to become a certified Myotherapist is quite straightforward, and a variety of institutes across Australia specialise in training the next generation of myotherapists.

Australian Myotherapy training programs are usually hands-on; a myotherapist in training is usually required to work in a hospital or clinic under the supervision of a certified myotherapist.

Before undertaking any myotherapy-related courses, ensure that the institution offering them is a Registered Training Organization with the Australian Skills and Qualifications Authority.

After successfully completing a course in myotherapy and earning your diploma, you can register as a member of a myotherapy organisation. Although not usually necessary to practice myotherapy in Australia, patients often feel more relaxed and reassured when they know that their myotherapist is a member of a regulatory body.

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