With everything being easily available online, you can
find best online physician in Pakistan within minutes of downloading an online doctor app on your smartphone! Get treated from the comfort of your own home. Experts say that online doctors/physicians are great to treat basic, non-emergency issues. For an emergency like a heart attack or something more serious, please dial your local emergency number or proceed to the Emergency department. An online doctor app like My live doctors can help you find best online physician for basic health problems like the flu, headache and UTI. Book your tele-appointment with doctor online instantly without waiting days to schedule one.
Now you can gain access to top online physicians and specialists in an instant. No need to wait long hours in the waiting room or take a day off from work. The online doctor app is a quick and convenient way to find best online physician, particularly for people who live in rural and remote areas, who might not have access to a medical facility nearby. A lot of tertiary care hospitals in Pakistan have started using telehealth services or online medicine services so that people can find doctors online in Lahore or anywhere in Pakistan. Telemedicine ensures that everyone gets the best healthcare no matter where they are.
One of the best medical apps for patients is My Live Doctors, a telemedicine portal uniquely designed to cater to your needs. It’s a user-friendly app that has a team Board-certified qualified doctors working 24/7 to serve you. You can download and register to the app for FREE, so download it today! An app to find a doctor like My live doctors allows you to keep track of your health problems . You can get also get a second opinion from another doctor. Share your lab reports, get a second opinion and consult a different physician any time you want!
Looking up doctors near you has never been easier! All you have to do is download My Live Doctors on your smart phone and sign up for free! You will then be able to find best online physician and book a tele-appointment with doctor right there and then! Go through doctor reviews and choose an online doctor that’s best for you! After your first in-clinic visit, you can always book your doctor appointment online for future follow-ups and get a prescription online for your re-fills without going in again. Your condition can be monitored through online appointments via phone calls or video calls.
Whether you have the flu, a headache, a stomach bug or just need expert medical advice about a health condition, online doctors are a great option. Find best online physician near you and discuss your health problem. If you have a chronic health condition like high blood pressure or diabetes, learn more about your treatment options with them. For more information on different health conditions that can easily be treated online, please visit www.mylivedoctors.com.

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I am skilled physician with 5 years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology.