Like you, relationships also have their good days and they bad days. However, too much bad days could be an indication that your relationship is in trouble. If you want to learn how to save a relationship that is falling apart, then read on and make use of these three effective suggestions.

Figure Out Where Things went Wrong

Yes, I am talking about both of you and not just one. A relationship is composed of two people and it takes both of them to ruin it or make it work. If your relationship needs to be rescued then you have to accept that you also did something wrong.

The secret to a successful relationship is that if each partner feels that they are successful individuals. If we allow stress from our personal lives to accumulate, pretty soon it would overflow and damage the relationship. The way you and your partner handle the stress and emotions would be a big factor in how the relationship would turn up.

Problems in communication, indifference and frequent arguments are some of the reasons why relationships fall apart. Also one of the top reasons why a relationship could fail is due to stress brought by negative emotions.

Reconnect Deeply with your Partner

Are you currently hoping for that satisfying relationship you once had with your partner? As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest factors that could destroy a relationship is stress. Most couples usually deal with the problem by "numbing out" the stress of their personal life. Do you prefer to watch TV or surf the internet instead of connecting with your partner? Do you and your partner mostly have negative emotions when you interact?

If so then you should try connecting with your partner on a deeper basis. This can only be done if you become CURIOUS about your partner and ignore all the other distractions. A relationship is usually in trouble if you are no longer curious about what your partner feels or thinks. Connecting with your partner is something you must make time for.

Let it Go and Accept the Consequences

By accepting what is happening, you are making it easier for you to tackle the problem. If you think too much about the bad things, you'll only end up hurting yourself more. Accept what has happened and move one.

Focusing on the present is one of the best ways to do this. If you keep thinking about the present, it would allow you to stop thinking about the past and future. When you are feeling bad, then this mean that you are NOT in the present and instead thinking of the past or the future. Relationships that grow are those that have couples who are communicative, introspective and dwell mostly in the present.

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