Oman or Sultanate of Oman is an Arab state with its location in southwest Asia and it is bordered by the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. It also has coasts formed by Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman. Capital of Oman is Muscat which is the largest city in Oman with a population of over 700,000 people. Muscat has been a fascinating place with lots of magnetism for tourists, visitors, workers and businessmen. Gulf of Oman is an important port-town which adds to the charm of tradesmen. There has been a rapid infrastructural and economical development in this part since 1970 when Qaboos Bin Said crowned as the Sultan of Oman. Muscat with a multi-ethnic society has now got very strong and active economy. Muscat is also linked to Port Sultan Qaboos through Muttrah Corniche and it presents magnificent and breathtaking views of golden beaches, mountainous heights and golden sand dunes. Looking at Muscat from infrastructural point of view, it possesses a unique and distinguished mixture of ancient and modern culture or traditions. Muscat has got very ancient and valuable cultural heritage. Even today, it has got houses, gates, old markets small shops, and winding roads which are fragrances of authentic history. Muscat also has a large number of modern infrastructures including shopping malls, buildings, restaurants and Muscat hotels equipped with the latest technology and the most modern facilities. Muscat has also many times won the award of Cleanest Arab City.

Important pillars of Muscat’s strong economy are trade and tourism. It has got great potential for businessmen as well as presents a number of activities for tourists in addition to have a luxury lifestyle. A tourist may enjoy natural views of mountains, valleys, deserts, caves or beaches. A fun lover can participate in various activities like scuba diving, camping, whale watching, boating, dolphin watching, deserts trips, horse and camel racing, shopping, etc. In addition, Muscat also has got impressive cultural activities and places like traditional villages, souqs, world heritage, museums, forts, castles and religious sites.

Sultanate of Oman has a very vital location from strategic point of view. Strait of Hormuz in Oman holds the key importance in this respect and is located in Governorate of Musandam. It separates Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Makran, Sea of Oman, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean with meeting point known as Gate of the Loin’s Jaw. Due to linking of Sea of Oman with Arabian Sea by Strait of Hormuz, it is considered as gateway for movement of ship to and from Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. About 20% of world’s in 20-30 oil tankers a day passes through this strait. In addition to strategic importance, strait is also very adorable due to presence of many islands like Salamah Wa Banatiha Island and Birds Island formed by many mountains and rocks. This additional feature of strait is appreciated by tourists, therefore, some area of the strait were opened to general public and tourist ships. Adventure and thrill of moving through one of the most important waterways with beautiful views is worth mentioning.

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Sheikh Al Zubairi is an expert tourism consultant associated with Ministry of Tourism of Oman. The experience of Muscat hotels, camel racing and strait of hormuz in Oman is really special for foreigners and tourists.