Bad times come to everyone. While many despair when grief and loss come knocking, those in communities of faith can turn towards their beliefs for strength. Below are just a few ways to find strength in your spirituality when it feels like everything is going wrong. Consider the long term or big picture, look into Christian beliefs on suffering in the world, think about God’s view, and reconnect with other believers. By focusing on these simple tips, you will be able to withstand anything the world throws at you.

Consider the Long Term

Before you get bogged down in your present grief, consider the long term. One of the most important ways to find strength in your faith is to look beyond the now. Most belief systems encourage their adherents not to just consider what they’re going through today, but how their beliefs will impact them in the future. It can certainly be difficult to look beyond the ways that you suffer today, but knowing that there is something better ahead can be a great way to regain your strength.

Look at Christian Beliefs on Suffering in the World

Christianity has a fairly specific view on temporal suffering. It’s not simply the idea that the world is full of bad things, but that bad things are inherently a part of mortal life. To be human is to go through bad times, but the worst times have already been averted. God knows and understands suffering, but He also rewards those who persevere. Though sadness and anxiety are natural, putting things in God’s hand is the only way to make it through life.

Think About God’s View

It’s also a good idea to take the big picture view. While you may be suffering, it’s important to think about how this plays into God’s greater plan. You are going through something bad now, to be sure, but are there ways that you can learn from the experience? Are the things that cause you pain now simply teaching tools to give you a better future? While you can’t know the mind of God, you can try to look at the ways that He might be using your present circumstances to help you later.

Reconnect With Believers

Finally, try to reconnect with your family of faith. You don’t have to try to handle everything on your own nor should you. There are others all around who are willing and ready to help you. So don’t stew in your sadness alone—reach out to others who believe the same things that you believe. They can not only provide support, but they can also provide the kind of spiritual fellowship that will help to replenish your spirit. Whether this means a quick prayer session or meeting with a spiritual counselor, sometimes it just makes sense to lean on other people.

Part of faith is staying strong despite the bad times. Try to remember what you believe, why you believe it, and the people who can help you when your faith is flagging. With the right mindset, you can find light in the darkest places.

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