Whenever we are scanning to find the best stocks to buy, Momentum Rider looks for the "elephant's footprints" to find the best stocks every time. The "elephants" are the large financial institutions or hedge funds that control most of the stock market's daily volume. A stock's price and volume action can be analyzed to find the best stocks to buy.

The large investment firms and hedge funds are the "elephants" and the entire group of individual investors collectively can be thought of as the "mouse". Fortunately for the individual investor, there are clear tell-tale signs or "elephant's footprints" when these institutions and hedge funds are buying or selling stocks. Usually, the volume is more than three times the average daily volume and the price move is greater than 3%. Learn to follow the elephants footprints and you will be able to clearly identify the best stocks to buy.

It is quite simple to see these footprints as the price pattern usually has a huge price move during the day with daily volume typically three to ten times higher than the daily average.

Sometimes it has a large gap from their after-hours action. Either way, the chart tells us that the elephants have stepped into or out of a stock position and you can do the same. Learn to take advantage of their insider information to make money for yourself by following them into the best stocks to buy or short sell.

Once you know they have taken a position, the momentum typically takes you in the same direction of the hedge funds' moves in the following days. This is equivalent to the blackjack dealer showing you their cards first before you take a hit or not. You will not win every time but your odds go way up in finding the best stocks to buy if you learn to read charts for what the big players and hedge funds are doing with their money.

Traders and investors need to learn to follow the footprints of the elephants if they want to beat the market over time. You will never know the insider reasons or tips that the hedge funds get ahead of announcements or earnings. And, quite frankly, it doesn't matter. With the fast computers of today and a good piece of technical analysis software and knowledge, you are essentially given all the information you need to take advantage of the situation. The hedge funds have indirectly given you the "secret tip" that they received and you have no legal exposure. It really is a powerful technique for finding the best stocks to buy. Fortunately, you are able to do it legally and you never have to worry about the feds coming after you.

Don't whine anymore about a rigged stock market or the fact that the big money players will always beat the individual investor. Momentum Rider services are focused on identifying the big moves by institutions and hedge funds. Now you know how to find the best stocks to buy every time and how to beat the market. Take advantage of the "elephant's footprints" and start growing your own fortune by finding the best stocks to buy.

There are big profits to be had in the stock market if you have a sound plan. Momentum Rider is offering a free package which should help you decide which are the Best Stocks To Buy. This offer, which they value at $600, contains 5 reports which include a selection of stocks that should outperform the market, a selection of stocks that have massive potential for growth, and another set of stocks rated as excellent value. Also included is a best selling Investor Plan Checklist on what you should be doing to continually grow your retirement fund. In addition they offer you free access to their weekly updates on the best buys and commentary on the market in their newsletter.

No guesswork was involved in picking out the best stocks to buy for 2012, but rather solid and proven effective analysis of the essentials, the balance sheets, the order books, the current inventories, the ability of the management, the market conditions in the niches served by the stocks as well as the current technical patterns.

As with all analyses, no guarantee can be offered but based on historical performance Momentum Rider has continually performed well above the market. Even taking into account the gloomy global economic outlook, they believe that 2012 can be another good year for an astute private investor growing his own retirement fund. Follow the path of the best stocks using the elephant's footprints and you will be ready to change your future.

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