If you are buying a plot of land with the intention of building your dream home then it can be quite challenging. Firstly you have to find you ideal building plot and building plots for sale can be rare, then gain planning permission if it does not have any and other legalities involved. In this article the in’s and out’s of the process are documented.

Finding building plots for sale or any land for sale might be harder than you think. Developers often hear of land for sale before anyone else and so it is snapped up before anyone hears of it. So if you have any idea of any land for sale or building plots for sale becoming available to you, this can be a huge bonus. Alternatively we at building plots for sale offer a quick and easy service to search and find your ideal plot before it comes up for sale on the open market.

Property specialists believe that of all land coming onto the market 70% is classed as brownfield, land that has previously been developed on. The other 30% is Greenfield land, land that is undeveloped. The land for sale could be on the market through companies or individuals and when snapped up can be a long-term investment for those wanting to self-build. So the process is simple, as shown below.

Finding the buildings plot for sale or land for sale.
Estate Agents- Although they specialise in already built properties some may have building plots for sale or land for sale.
Land Agents- Similar to Estate Agents but they specialise in land for sale or building plots for sale.
Internet- Sites such as us, Building Plots for Sale. Of course our service does not cost the seller a penny unlike the above. This is an advantage to the buyers of building plots. Sellers can sell their land for free and buyers can browse the land for sale or building plots for sale from the comfort of their own home. Also we at Building Plots for Sale obtain more land than any other land agent because it is a free service to the landowner.
A Replacement Build- Growing in popularity, especially in sought after areas where building plots for sale or land for sale is scarce. Demolition and rebuilding a property can be gainful.

You will need a good surveyor and solicitor on board once you have found your building plot. We at Building Plots For Sale can organize these professionals for you on your behalf, they have over thirty years experience in land dealings. The surveyor will assess the land, which is a must and the solicitor will make sure that the plot has no restrictive covenants or any other legal hindrances that could occur in the future. The solicitors we use will make the sale go through as smoothly as possible. We will also check whether the plot has planning permission or not. Once the sale is completed the solicitor will then register the new details with Land Registry.

So the land for sale or building plots for sale that has now become yours can now be built on right? Wrong! You have to find out if the building plot has any planning permission and whether if it does have planning permission it is outline planning (OPP) or full detailed planning permission (DPP). Once DPP has been successfully sought then building your dream home can begin.

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