With regards to finding your Purpose in everyday life what makes it so difficult?

Each one of us has unique gifts and skills yet we choose to follow the crowd and become conformed into doing what everyone else is doing without giving it any thought. Yet for many people our entire lives are shaped by someone else it doesn’t matter if it be folks, friends, society and even the media.

Failing to indentify your purpose seems like been on a ship without anyone steering it into the chosen destination. It will end up anywhere.

Important when finding your purpose in daily life would be to follow your heart and do all really LOVE to do! That’s it!! If you awaken for this truth, you will discover everything changes because you’re doing most certainly what you really were put here for first of all.


By looking within. A few of you certainly will have an Idea of what your passion is, but is going to find it hard to step out the box. But is the time to hear that inner voice.
At this point it is going to be the time and energy to place your negative thoughts about yourself aside and start entertaining a positive mind-set on knowing that finding your purpose means it can be achieved.

Don’t live someone else’s dream. As soon as you have puzzled out what your purpose is you cannot let anyone ‘steal’ it by their opinions, very often people are more concerned about what others may believe about them As an alternative doing what they want. I used to be so aware of what others might possibly be thinking about me, the actions I took and also the things I will say. In order to please them I wasn’t being the real me!

Finding your purpose will lead you to possess a vision. Your vision is your route you pursue in steps to reach your purpose. Your vision will lead to the main goal. So to reach your longer-term goal you must set short term goals so as to keep you on the right track.

“Where There Is No Vision The People Perish.” ~ Bible

Chances are you’ll think you cannot earn money doing what you may love to do. There’s you don't just give everything up that might be silly (except if you are capable to buy to achieve this) but there is always downsizing. Work a part time job so that you are earning such that you can live off since now you have the time to pursue you life’s purpose.
Be ambitious and follow your life’s purpose.

Finding your purpose can change your life overnight if you will just be committed in taking step one – making a decision to pursue your dreams!

“What a different story people would have to tell if they would adopt a definite purpose and stand by that purpose until it had time to become an all-consuming purpose.”
Napoleon Hill ~ Laws of Success

Author's Bio: 

Diana Reid is a Mastermind Coach. Diana's purpose in life is to Empower and Enlighten other into living a full life and to succeed in all they do.

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