Construction of stairs: Construction of finishing: stairs
With In terms of the: second work, the Establishment of a staircase in the house, to the connect the ground floor with the mezzanine or just the upper floor, is another by important step.

But the before you invest in the operation, you a must first? Answer to two two major Questions: first, what kind of stairs the put in PLACE?
Second, how to concretely implement the installation?
Typology of house stairs in terms of design and material

In terms of design first , one can classically list three types of interior stairs .
The most common is the right staircase . Of As ITS name Indicates , IT Makes IT Possible to ! Just fill a difference of a levels and the this , without geometrical " flourish ". From this point of view, ITS installation Remains particularly simple and therefore very inexpensive and the this , whatever the material Used for ITS design .
For an order of ideas , the let us Mention for example That the installation of such a of the type of staircase will of cost only about 500 euros the if it is declined in wood , and around 1 , 500 to 3 , 000 euros if is made of concrete and finally of the order of 5000 euros if the chosen material is glass or stone . Of The only the downside of HOWEVER with the this of the type of staircase is That ITS installation requires a lot of space .
In second position , then comes the so - called " turning " staircase . As its name suggests , this type of staircase incorporates one or more right angles . Given the this slight geometric complexity , a His choice will of Imply a slight the bulge in your budget Compared to the alternative of the straight staircase . Count for example AT Least 1000 euros the if the material in the which IT is the Designed is wood .
Finally , the third choice is the spiral staircase . In terms of installation , it is certainly the Easiest to IMPLEMENT Compared to the OTHER to two two . Its only disadvantage however lies most often in its small width .
With In terms of materials the finally , stairs CAN the BE Declined according to Tastes and budgets share , wood ,sagging rafters, concrete , glass ( reinforced ), or stone .
How to install a house staircase ?
To set up a house staircase , three alternatives are offered to the owners .
Of The Simplest is to the buy a SO - Called " standard " staircase , That is to say The everything done The , in a -hardware store . In this a case , the installation will of the then the BE Greatly simplified since IT will of the BE the sufficient to the remove the staircase mounted transmitter in the room where clause IT is Intended to the join the to two two a levels . The if the model is of too big or not big enough to the connect the a levels , IT will of the BE enough simply to the add Additional steps or on the contrary to the withdraw Them SO That the whole FITS perfectly .
As for the second alternative , it will consist of opting for a staircase kit . Here , the installation will also be ultra-simplified since it will be enough to 's assemble the parts to IMPLEMENT the staircase . Note , however , that kit versions are often delivered without guardrails . This is a big inconvenience since it is extremely dangerous for future users .
By Reason why , the if we have the Necessary budget , IT is better to fall back on the THIRD, alternative : the of tailor - made staircase . Indeed , in the this hypothesis , a craftsman will of have come to the make your own staircase according to the Various parameters The of your interior .

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