If you are like many other people, you will come across dozens of different outfits before meeting your unicorn woman for the first type. You might have been okay with the models of your apparels. But then, choosing the colors can be the most daunting tasks before proceeding.

The good thing is that the research showed that color choices were prevalent for sexual preferences. Next time you get a date unicorn woman, here are the colors that you can consider to pick.


You can’t go wrong with the red color. Wearing the red color in your first date can signify your excitement, passion, and seriousness. It also symbolizes love, passion, sexiness, sensuality, compassion, and motivation. Some people have negative arguments about red colors. But let’s admit it. They probably have no idea about the advantages of red color. If the other one wears a red color, then you can be sure that they are serious with you. Some folks may also indicate that they are ready to get laid tonight if things work well between the two parties.


Black is a must-have color in your wardrobe. The other side will love to see you wear this color as well. For instance, the little black dress can work well in your first encounter and the next ones. It is also one of the most prevalent colors for women to wear on any individual or usual occasions. Black dress is always classy, no matter where you wear it. But you need to wear it right. It is chic, elegant, and fantastic. The black color is also prevalent with any accessories.


White is a bit tricky color because it can have many definitions. But let’s set aside the negative connotation for a while. It resembles the neutral and peaceful feelings. Not to mention that it can signify the peace, sterility, cleanliness, birth, motherhood, calmness, reliance, and so on. The trick here is to play around with the other colors like black, red, or blue. Don’t wear the whole white apparel unless you are planning to go to the church.


Some people consider that pink color is just for teenagers and girls. Well, it is not entirely true. Mature women also like pink color. It is an excellent choice for those who want to succeed on their first date. It signifies the feminism, sweetness, and prettiness. When wearing this, you could cheer your significant ones up. They will feel motivated about your appearance.


You may include blue in your list because of practical reason. The blue color signifies faith, truth, confidence, and faithfulness. Although often cited as the color for men, there are many beautiful dresses with blue color. Blue is a favorite among both men and women. The research also showed that blue color has things to do with the high quality, independence, and security. If you want to reserve your relationship with your unicorn woman, then blue can make an excellent choice for your first date.

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