5 Easy Ways to be Inspiring
by Spirita
We all search for inspiration, and one of the best ways to find it is to bring it to others. When is the last time you really inspired someone? Do you encourage the people around you? Being a muse is both fun and rewarding. Creativity is catching, so when you take the time to inspire others, the masterpieces they make with that inspiration will in turn inspire you. Here are five easy ways to inspire the people in your life to greatness.
Put the paint before the artist. Got a friend you just know would be an awesome artist, if only they would take a chance and try? Give that friend the means to do it, and they'll be spurred into action by your generosity and thoughtfulness. Offer paint, canvas, pens, and paper, refurbished musical instruments, old cameras and film—anything that might be of service to the budding artist in your world.
Be in love. Love yourself, love others, love the natural environment around you—sounds easy, and it is. Once you embrace your soul and learn to enjoy your own unique place in the universe, you'll feel very much a part of it all, connected to the earth and humanity and shining with compassion. Let your loving spirit touch everyone you meet; who said caring was a scarce commodity, anyway?
Ask questions. When we ask questions, we invite exploration and open the doorway to new possibilities. Ask open-ended, thought-provoking questions: “What are your biggest dreams?” “What do the clouds make you think of?” “Would you ever get bored if you were a bird?”
Create opportunities. If you really want to inspire others, try making it a matter of necessity! Got a friend who has a talent for sewing and a love of fashion? Arrange a fashion design contest for charity, and she'll have no choice but to enter. Does your next door neighbor take awesome photos? Ask him to snap a few pictures for you, then encourage him to display the best shots at the art show you've arranged at the local gallery.
Have fun! After all, who gets inspired by boredom or depression?! No matter how serious your job, no matter how serious your day, always take a moment or two here and there to let loose and goof off. Helping others around you loosen up and have fun is a great way to relieve stress and get the creative current flowing. Play a game of freeze tag, or an impromptu round of charades. Do a cartwheel. Juggle the paperweights on your desk. Just act silly and have fun; you'll be amazed at how much a lighthearted attitude truly inspires!
Even when our own creative juices are running on empty, we can still bring light and energy to the people around us. When we look at all creativity and art as a shared process, a common human endeavor and a great collective work in which we all take part, we recognize the grand impact that a smile, a pencil, an asked favor can have. Inspire, and be inspired.

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Spirita is pure inspiration, and is credited with authoring Conversations with Grasshopper, The Flute Player of Sasnak, Snippets of Spirit, and other titles published by Tumblebrush Press.