Everyone seems to know that feeling you sit there wondering without satisfaction for the answer, "Does she like me?" Here are five tips that can serve you well in figuring out whether this woman is attracted to you or just a comfortable friend.
When a woman is attracted to a man she almost always preens. People know when a woman strokes her hair she is preening. What people don't realize is that a woman isn't just preening when she touches her hair; she is preening every time she adjusts her appearance. This goes from smoothing her clothes to accentuate her curves, to pushing her glasses up, to pulling her shirt down, pulling her skirt up, right on down to pulling her necklace straight. Any time a woman adjusts her appearance for you, she is getting your attention and flaunting herself a little. Note: Some women are insecure and constantly adjust their appearance regardless of attraction, please look for irregularities in their behavior.
Which part of our body do you think is the most honest? Believe it or not it's not our face (with the exception of micro expressions), eyes, or arms; it is our feet and legs they tell us when we want to leave with an intent action such as a slightly lifted foot or bent knee. They tell us what interests us more, a friend, a woman, even an exit. Most people stand in a way in which one foot stands ahead of the other pointing toward their largest interest. Pay attention to which way her toes are pointed, if they are pointing at you she is most interested in you. If they are pointed at an exit or towards her friends standing a little ways away it's time you change it up and gain her attention, or move on. A woman who is attracted to you or is interested in you will point their foot at you.
A woman will always face what she is paying attention to most and just importantly not threatened by. Which ways is her torso facing? Early on in any courting your torso will start neutral, most often around a 45 degree angle. As the process continues we start to face the person we are attracted to most. We expose our torso to them and we lean forward, we want them to see all of us and be closer. So as the courtship process continues on we begin to face the person until we are locked in and facing no one else, almost as if there is no one else in the world for that moment between the two of you. If she is facing her torso toward you she is elevating the phases in courtship and she is illustrating her attraction to you.
Space invaders isn't just a just an old school video game, it is a great observation of anyone who is attracted to you. When we are friends with someone we don't stand close and we don't touch them. However, when we are attracted to them we make every attempt to stand closer, sit closer, or touch someone. It is the same for everyone; we give people their space, unless we want to be "close" to them. So always notice the amount of space she is giving, and if she is touching you. A woman will always invade the space of a man she is attracted to it is her way of sending overtures unfortunately many of us miss this very basic sign. One common thing I do is lean closer, if she leans in when you do "mirroring" you she is likely attracted to you. So remember a common trait on whether she is attracted to you is her standing within your personal space.
When a woman is attracted to a man she will start to mirror him. If she sees him take a drink and she takes a drink in the next minute. She may start copying your body movements or posture. For instance, when she is across the table she may sit similarly and have her arms arranged on the table similarly. They are merely copying your body language whether that is posture or activity, being like the person she is interested in you. Look for a woman who is attracted to you to copy your movements.
When we notice an initial attraction there is one requirement when you see all these features, is she making eye contact? This tells you important differences, eye contact is the difference between whether she is attracted to you or someone else. Is she preening for you or preening for someone else (even someone she may very well just be thinking about) illustrating an attraction to you or someone else? Is she leaning towards you, or beginning to face you (both aren't required each is it's own signal)? Closing the distance and showing her to you in showing her attraction? Are you the most interesting thing to her (showing her attraction), are her feet pointed toward you or at the "exit" (even metaphorical)? Is she giving you space or is she invading your space by standing or sitting close (is she attracted enough to want to be close to you)? Is she mirroring you showing her attraction to you by trying to be like you? If you said no to any or all of these questions, you may need to simply build more comfort and attraction; they aren't deal breakers simply positive signs in any interaction and the courtship process. However when all of these signals are shown it is very rare that she is not attracted and merely comfortable, at this point you should begin mini escalations figuring out how attracted she is too you.

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