When working with online marketing or social media marketing, you can find really useful tools that are absolutely free and makes your job much easier (or more fun!)
This list consists of five of these marketing tools that maybe not all marketers have found yet. Why don’t you try them out and let me know what you think.

Have you ever counted how many passwords you have all over Internet? No of course not, it is impossible to keep track of them all. And how do you solve that? Buy using the same password all over? I hope not! This is why I love Lastpass.com. You only have to remember ONE password. Lastpass is loaded with great features even in the free version. And if you decide that you need more functions like access to you mobile applications, it will only cost you $1/month. Increase your security level NOW!

This is a really cool tool. Do you really know how Google looks at your website? Is is really optimized? What about your domain setup, meta tags and other SEO matters? The list goes on. It’s really helpful to run a report and see what you website really shows. Hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise. And you can run a comparison for your competitors as well. And if your site shows some problems, you will get some great tips on how to get rid of them and tweak your site to an even better performance.

Headline Analyzer
I have to be honest and tell you that I am not sure a bout the full value of this tool, but I still think it’s useful and cool to use. It is actually called “Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer”. It’s really simple to use. You enter your headline (up to 20 words), check your actual headline category and hit “Submit for analysis” What you receive is a “Emotional Marketing Value” between 1-100, where it is said that most professional copywriters gets a value between 30-40. In addition to the EMV value, you will also be find out which emotion your headline will trigger (intellectual, empathetic or spiritual). Go try it out with one of your headlines!

Headline Wizard
Here’s another tool for your creative headline production. It’s a headline generator where you enter a product description, your claim, and your result in present and past tense and get a bunch of suggestions. Why not take some of the headlines and run them in the analyzer?

Last but definitely not least is a great tool for distributing videos, blogs, audio, photos and files to over 100 online destinations. Pixelpipe acts as your media hub where you upload you content from your desktop or mobile phone, and distribute to your channels of your choice. It is actually like Traffic Geyser but for free. Go try it out!

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Per-Erik Olsen is an experienced entrepreneur who has fully converted to the Internet. After learning from top coaches in CC PRO and WMI, he is now running his own business with http://pyxism-pro.com and is a part owner of Gate One Marketing, a company doing social media marketing for companies all over the world.
Special interests are business coaching and personal development. More from Pererik can be found at http://pererikolsen.com