Currency market traders always admit that so called “common sense” has an influence on them and their expectations regarding results of trading. The market always experiences constant movement and formation of a strong opinion may lead to prejudices that become difficult to break in the end. That is why some traders advice to avoid formation of a strong opinion. Common sense is also advised to be contested as it works only in case of meeting of certain requirements. Flexible traders try to start a new day turning over a new leaf as such kind of behavior helps to track and respond to market movement properly, unlike those people who allow prejudices overwhelm them and to distort their perception of trading processes. It is vitally necessary to stay aside from these prejudices, to remain flexible and to be ready to adjust to price actions at a certain period of time in order to respond properly and as a result to earn money.

Here is an example of how prejudices and blind following common sense may lead to missing what is really happening on the market now. An opinion that is generally accepted by public is that the US Dollar strengthening influences prices for shares. It is necessary to remember that if correlation happens it does not mean that it is always strong. For the last six months the US Dollar has performed a relatively weak behavior, but the weak Dollar has not made an important impact on share prices. Even when the greenback expressed extreme bearishness and internal weakness fluctuations of equity prices were not significant in response to fluctuations of the Dollar. It shows that for the previous six months common sense was not helpful giving wrong signals. A flexible trader knows all generally accepted rules, but however sees that at a certain period of time a certain rule does not work, driving to wrong suggestions.

Flexible traders are ready to adjust. At the same time they are capable to foresee what may happen according to common sense as well as to analyze what is really happening on the currency market. Traders should avoid being restricted by blind following others` ideas, avoid narrow perception. Instead of waiting for confirmation of market rules traders are recommended to carry out their activity skillfully adapting to current market situation. Do not wait until the situation changes, but try to adjust to the terms that are prevailing now.

Sometimes it takes a lot of time to wait until the rule confirms, but this time may be treated as wasted as it, however, could be spent for seizing the good opportunity. Instead giving up before prejudices it is better to take a look at the current state of the market and to take decisive actions based on grounded analysis and your own considerations.

In intraday trading observance of common sense may mislead traders. Everyday you should ask yourself: “what works now at the market?” Maybe long positions are recommended or maybe short ones. Being flexible a trader may opt what as he thinks works constantly and has better chances for bringing profit. Thus start a brand new day with a brand new perception. If you generate an idea, beware of how to stick to your guns but always remain adjustable.

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