Sending flowers when someone dies is a way many people express their sympathy, their respect and if you were close to the deceased, your sorrow too. While no-one has written any actual rules for sending funeral flowers or sympathy flowers, there are traditions some like to follow, and there are certain types of arrangements that are more suited to certain situations or certain senders. Finding an experienced florist, NJ or where you are in funeral arrangements and funeral flowers is a good way to some advice, but here too is a look at the main three arrangements that are used as casket flowers, Toms River and elsewhere.

Those three most common casket flower arrangements are an interior casket arrangement, a casket spray, and a standing spray.

Interior casket arrangement – This is usually kept a simple piece that goes inside the coffin in the top corner with the deceased. Traditionally it is something grandchildren or great-grandchildren send but it can be from other close family members, and it is a good idea to have it designed to suit the other funeral flowers from other family members. As well as the flowers being an attractive symbol of the circle of life, historically flowers were placed inside the caskets before embalming to help mask the odor for when there were viewings. Today this is no longer needed, so interior arrangements are a personal decision.

Casket spray -  As indicated by its name when a florist NJ and elsewhere creates a casket spray that goes on top of the casket or coffin. If you are having your loved one cremated rather than buried they can still have a casket spray, it is just made in a smaller form and placed near a picture of the person who has passed, or near their urn. Traditionally these casket flowers Toms River are from the spouse, parents or children in honor of their loved one. Once the casket has been buried the casket spray is then placed at their gravestone.

Standing spray – Another once commonly seen funeral flower arrangement is the standing spray. Similar to casket sprays in who traditionally gets them, these hang from a tripod and can be in the shape of a cross or wreath. In recent years these are less popular because they are not as easy to place somewhere after the funeral. Some florists have started to do something like a fireside basket instead, which is like a table arrangement so it can be brought home or gifted to someone and enjoyed after the service.


Whatever your relationship to the deceased and the family, flowers can be a great option when you want to let people know just how very sorry you are for their loss. However do check with them or with the funeral service as some people ask that instead of sending large flower arrangements, people donate in honor of the deceased to a charity that meant something to them. If you still wish to send something floral, keep it simple and easy to deal with after.



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