Flower jewellery is in great demand these days, for women who are having their Haldi celebrations before their marriage, or their first baby shower or attending the marriage of someone who is close to them.

Haldi is one of the biggest occasions for a woman before her marriage, and it is celebrated with an immense amount of pomp and grandeur by her friends as well as family members because she will have her Haldi only once in this lifetime (hopefully!).

It is the season of marriage and literally every other day, we are seeing posts of known and unknown people getting married on social media platforms. Numerous celebrities are also choosing this time to be right for tying the knot. In a typical Indian marriage, the event of a Haldi celebration is mandatory before the couple gets hitched.

It is, therefore, no wonder that flower jewellery is increasingly in demand among women, who want to buy something that would look classy and chic to go along with their Haldi outfit. The floral jewellery would make them stand out among the crowd and become the center of the party during the Haldi celebrations by both families.

If you are someone who wants some good old flower jewellery for yourself this season for your special occasion, be it Haldi, marriage, baby shower, or something else - you can look for a few of the best designs of flower jewellery in the popular online shopping portals. However, if you want to be more innovative in terms of design and also want to save up in terms of money, you can opt for the DIY route. It will certainly be helpful for you when it comes to reducing the pocket pinch and also surprising others with refreshing designs.

This article will tell you how to prepare flower jewellery for yourself, your friends, and your family members as well. So, without further ado, let us now delve deep into the details of the process of making flower jewellery for your special occasion.

Step 1: Carve out a semicircular base of outer radius 9 cm and inner radius 7 cm from cardboard and cut out the cardboard ring (halved).

Step 2: Next step, you have to collect a few pieces of pollens and flowers (can be of any color, but preferably white or bright pink).

Step 3: Use a strong binding substance (gum) to stick the pollens and flowers on the halved piece of cardboard base and design it as a beautiful neckpiece.

Step 4: Attach two pieces of ribbons on either end of the semicircular piece of cardboard, to be used for attaching purposes.

Step 5: Cut out small round pieces of cardboard of radius 2 cm each and paste the pollen and flower pieces on it with gum to make small, beautiful decorative elements to use in your flower jewellery.

Step 6: Attach the small decorative elements with gum on the two ends of the strings of a pearl necklace. Similarly, you can prepare another piece of flower jewellery with the decorative element that you prepared early on with the semicircular cardboard piece.

There you go! These simple and effective DIY methods of making flower jewellery using basic decorative elements that you can find in any gift shop will be of great help to you and during the process, you will have ideas of your own to implement in the designs produce as well. You will save up on some cash too. It’s a win-win situation!

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