Maintaining an ideal weight is important for staying healthy and looking young. Many people suffering from obesity face the risk of heart disease and diabetes. It is very important for you to manage your weight and prevent weight gain which is mainly caused if you eat irregularly and do not take a balanced diet. Obesity is also caused by hereditary conditions in which a person gains weight even if he or she is not taking good amount of calories in a day. But you can prevent the condition by regulating diet and regularly doing exercises.

The basic methods of losing weight are

1. Count the total number of calorie required by your body for a day. Define a diet plan depending on the need of calories. The total number of calorie intake should be less than the total number of calories which is utilized by the body in a day. One should be careful to manage the diet plan because loosing excess weight in one time raises the risk of a number of health problems such as kidney stones and gastric problems. Calculate the log amount of calories for each day. Log amount is the calories which are not utilized by the body in a day.

2. People who try to reduce weight by skipping meals can suffer from gastric problems and sometimes after skipping meal you are so hungry that you eat more than your normal diet.

3. If you have gained weight in the last few months you should analyze your eating habits and see the number of times you take snacks in between the meals. Many people underestimate the calories which is added by a small amount of snacks in the morning and evening which is taken in between the meals.

4. To reduce deposited fat in the body parts, reduce intake of fats products such as cheese and high fat milk. Take low fat yoghurt in diet instead of cream and milk.

5. Do not take organ meats and pork as it is high in saturated fat. Saturated fats and cholesterol deposits in the body parts, instead of, getting digested and eliminated from the body in the form of body waste. Egg yolk is also high in such fat and cholesterol.

6. You can take salads and soups but avoid taking fat dressings on the salads and soups.

7. Some of the food items which should be avoided are fried food, pizzas, cakes, cookies, carbonated drinks and sodas.

8. Increase intake of fibers in diet. You can reduce weight by taking only fresh raw fruits and low fat milk one day in every week.

9. Reduce intake of non vegetarian food items in diet. Processed and non vegetarian diet contains high amount of fat.

10. You should burn calories by exercising and doing some physical work.

You should take regulated amount of diet to reduce the amount of calories each day. The diet plan can include the following food items.

1. In breakfast you can take cheese bread, where the cheese is low fat cheese.

2. In lunch you can take hardboiled egg and fruits.

3. In dinner, you can take low fat salads, boiled vegetables, tomatoes, onion and raw fruits or vegetables.

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