We often times struggle with what we do. We wonder if we should do or say certain things in order to help others, or to better ourselves or to even get ahead in life. We need to know the difference between what we want to do, what we feel like doing and what we ought to do. We need to be sure we do and say everything for the right reasons. We need to demonstrate God’s law is written in our hearts.

Romans 2:13-15 “For merely listening to the law doesn’t make us right with God. It is obeying the law that makes us right in his sight. Even Gentiles, who do not have God’s written law, show that they know his law when they instinctively obey it, even without having heard it. They demonstrate that God’s law is written in their hearts, for their own conscience and thoughts either accuse them or tell them they are doing right.”

Our reasons may not be the same as others so we need to be sure the reason we do something is because it is what God wants us to do. We can’t know what He wants us to do unless we have a good relationship with Him. We can’t know what His reasons are unless we ask Him. We need to be in constant communication with God so we can be sure we are doing His will in all we do.

We need to have the right attitude. When something happens that overwhelms us, shocks us, saddens us, etc. we are going to feel a little upset and we aren’t going to be thinking as we normally should. That is when we need to go to God and ask Him to help us think more clearly. That is when we need to go to God and ask Him what He wants us to do in that particular situation. When we move ahead without going to Him first, we may not end up doing things for the right reasons.

There will be situations where someone does something that annoys us. There will be times when we don’t agree with something someone says. There will be times when someone says or does something in an attempt to hurt us. However, we can’t let what others say and do control our actions. We need to be sure our actions are actions pleasing to God and only Him.

We have no one to answer to in life but God. He is our Creator. He is our Motivator. He is our Redeemer. He can help us through all situations in life. He can help us do the right thing and give us the strength and power to do them. He can help us do what we don’t want to do and what we don’t feel like doing. When we struggle with what to do, God is ready to help.

There is no other answer but the right answer. We either do what God wants us to do or we don’t. There is no gray area in life. We are either living for Him are we are not. We are either on the right path doing the right things for the right reasons or we are going down a path of making our own choices and doing whatever we feel like.

It’s time we stopped doing what feels good and do the right thing. We can’t help others when we are only thinking of ourselves. When we go through life doing what feels good and what we want to do, we will lose focus on others. We will lose focus on God. We are here to worship and serve God. We are here to do what He wants us to do. We are here to do the right things for the right reasons and to make a difference.

Jeremiah 17:9 “But I, the Lord, search all hearts and examine secret motives. I give all people their due rewards, according to what their actions deserve.”

Author's Bio: 

Frances Lucas has lived in the Birmingham, Alabama area for the past 40 years. She is a firm believer in leading by example and what she shares comes from her experience in life having to set her own goals and make things happen in her life…not depending on anyone else. She can help you, your team members and your employees to realize their purpose in life, learn their strengths and begin to develop their strengths.

She attended Corporate Coach University where she obtained an Advanced Certified Corporate Coach degree. Frances also has a bachelor‘s degree in Business Management and a masters in Human Resources. She has facilitated classes for large and small groups, created and organized self-improvement and employee development programs, classes, and work books. She enjoys coaching others one-on-one or in groups. Frances is a professional discipleship coach certified through Blueprint for Life Institute and is dedicating her life to helping others find their God-given purpose in life.

She has found her passion in life and wants to share her passion by helping others find theirs!

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