When boys would like to improve on their ability in winning women, one of the things that they must learn is on how to get a girl number. This is their way of measuring how good they will become when it comes to winning the heart of a woman. Here are the four easy tips to help men with getting the phone number of the woman that they get attracted to:

1. Establish an Eye Contact - First and foremost, the most important tip when it comes to catching a woman’s attention, either to ask for her number or not, is to develop an eye contact. If you saw someone that you are attracted to, look at her adoringly into her eyes, but never look at a woman's breasts when you begin talking to her as this is a sign of disrespect. Looking at her straight on her eyes would send a signal to her that you are interested on her and that you’re looking forward to know her and would want to ask for her number.

2. Flash Those Pearly Whites - Next is to flash those pearly whites whenever you caught her looking back at you. A smile coupled with a prolonged eye contact will send a very positive message to her, something that goes like this, “I like you and I want to have a date with you." If the girl smiles back at you and also managed to maintain an eye contact with you, then this could mean that she have felt the same way as you do and she’s just waiting for you to make a move.

3. Introduce Yourself - Now that you have established a connection with the girl through your eyes and smile, the very next thing that you must do is to introduce yourself. Slowly approach the girl and begin by saying something like this, “Hi, my name is _____ and I am so glad to meet you,” while offering your hand for a handshake. Wait for her to accept your handshake and as soon as she mentions her name, make sure to remember it and always address her with her first name on your entire conversation.

4. It’s Time to Get Her Number - Since you’ve already started a conversation with the girl, it’s now the right to ask for her phone number. If you feel that she’s not in a hurry, grab that opportunity to chat with her in order to make her comfortable, and will give her phone number the moment you ask for it. However, if you feel that she is in a hurry, it’s time to break the ice by politely asking her for her phone number.

After reading these four tips on how to get a girl number easily, it’s time that you apply this in actual situation. Do not be afraid if the girl won't be interested in hanging out with you, or reject you. What matters is the fact that you have exerted an effort into getting her to notice you.

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