Once you’ve been paying attention to points and miles for a while, it becomes inevitable that you’ll end up with a stack of membership cards from various programs. Airline programs. Hotel programs. Rental car programs. Credit card programs. Dining programs. You name it and I probably have a card for it. One of the services that I find invaluable to keep this all organized is AwardWallet. Here are five things AwardWallet does that’ll make your life easier:

1) Keep Track Of Your Accounts

This is the main function of the AwardWallet website and app. You need to enter your account information and password and after that, the website will constantly update your account balances. If you’re worried about your information, you can store the passwords on your computer instead of AwardWallet’s servers and they also offer two-factor authentication for account privacy.

You can track your accounts using the free functions of the website. Having a single place where you can store your account numbers and passwords makes it so much easier when you want to log in to check or make a reservation.

2) Know When Your Points Will Expire

Programs love to tell you that you’re points will NEVER EXPIRE, but they actually don’t expire only as long as you have qualifying account activity (here are some easy ways to keep your account active). AwardWallet keeps track (the best it can) of when you need to have some account activity to keep your points alive. Leading up to the date, you can set up to get email reminders (and/or push notifications to your phone) that your points are approaching the expiration date. A new feature also gives you tips on keeping your miles active. The last thing you want is to have points expire and if you only notice a few days before, you may already be too late to save them.

3) Track Reservations (and Reservation Changes)

If you travel frequently, you may already use a program like TripIt to keep track of your plans. However, AwardWallet also can keep track of your travel plans. Any reservation linked to your loyalty program accounts should automatically import to the website. You can also link your email accounts to have them scanned for new reservations or forward reservation emails directly to AwardWallet.

Airlines like to change flight numbers, flight times or seat assignments without letting you know. Of course, they claim that they notified you, but you might not have been paying attention to a one-hour time change six months before your trip. When AwardWallet notices these changes, they’ll email you. You can also keep track of your reservations on the website and reservations with changes will be highlighted in red until you click that you’ve seen the message.

4) Notice If Your Points Are Stolen

Despite your best efforts, your loyalty accounts may get hacked and it could be a while before you find out your points were stolen. If you’re not paying attention, you may not notice this until you want to make an award reservation and there aren’t any points in your account. AwardWallet can send you a weekly recap of your accounts showing any changes. If you notice points missing, it’s best to notify the program immediately so they can investigate what happened, and the sooner the better.

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