One of the barriers to living on purpose and doing what you truly love is the expectations of others. It may be that your parents had fears that what you wanted to do wouldn't pay the bills, or wasn't considered a sophisticated enough calling and they set the expectation that you would follow a certain path through your education and employment. That can be a powerful influence in the direction you take. You didn't want to disappoint them, after all! Later, a spouse may have fears about you taking a risk and making changes. Perhaps you worry about what your friends or colleagues may think if you begin to take the steps to pursue what you have come to realize is the thing that you feel most passionate about and drawn to do. There may be a lot of well-meaning people raining on your parade, telling you all the reasons why this isn't a good idea.

What to do:
1. Realize this is your life and no one else can live it for you. You owe it to yourself to heed your inner urgings and take the steps to living your dream. NO ONE else can possibly know what that is. Only you know what lights you up inside. That feeling is your inner being guiding you to fulfill your highest purpose in this lifetime. When you disregard it, it can lead to unhappiness, false fatigue and even illness. When you don't put yourself first, you will burn out and have nothing left to give.

2. Make sure you are really clear about what is necessary for your change. Research the steps you will need to take and get qualified help in understanding how to bring about the changes you feel are in alignment with what you desire. This will help you feel confident and help you to stand in your own power. You will be clear on the direction you are going and able to express it.

3. Don't try to convince anyone. Others, especially a spouse, are most likely coming from their fears of change and how your desire to go in a new direction may impact them. In that vibrational state they will not be able to hear what you see as your truth and will automatically push against it. Pushing back will create an energy of conflict. Instead, come from your heart and share that what you are doing now is simply not sustainable for you, its time for a positive change and you would really appreciate the other person's support in doing it. When you approach it from an empowered and emotionally balanced state, equipped with a solutions-focused attitude, you will have much more success in gaining support. But do remember---while support is wonderful, you don't need any one else's permission to live your purpose.

4. Take a good look at what you like about your current situation and what you don't like. Change to something new doesn't necessarily need to be a quick and radical shift. There may be ways to tweak some things about where you are to ease your situation until you can make the full change gradually to something new. You can take steps to move in a new direction while you are still where you are. This approach may be easier on you and reassuring to those around you, especially family members. Only you can assess how staying in a job that is miserable and unfulfilling is affecting you and how quickly you need to make a move.

In our society we are not taught to put ourselves first. We worry about looking selfish and how going for what we want may upset the equilibrium of our home life. The truth is, we are all here with a higher purpose to fulfill and if you turn away from it, you will have not only robbed yourself of your highest joy and expansion, but you will have also robbed the world of your greatest gifts.

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Known as America's Life Purpose Coach™, Estra Roell is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and PSYCH-K® facilitator. Her passion is in helping people gain clarity on their passions and purpose and empowering them to move into inspired action to reach their goals using a variety of powerful processes. She believes we all have what it takes to live purposefully and create the lives we want.

As a radio host on Blogtalk Radio's Coach Cafe, Estra has interviewed many inspiring thought leaders and has herself been a featured guest on radio. She is a co-author of the book, 101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career and the creator of an online coaching program, Living on Purpose: 12 Steps to Loving Monday Morning.

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